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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Untitled Document

This is Bloki amazing! From new edublogger Stephen Harlow (who needs to get himself a feed quicksmart ;o) comes Bloki which, despite looking a few years out of date, has feeds, has wiki-type stuff, has an easy easy easy manner about it (if you've used Word and windows you should get the hang of this fairly quickly) and doesn't seem to have any ads associated with it... strangerer and strangerer! What's wrong with it? Why aren't / haven't people been using it? It looks like it'd be an ace tool to get students using on an initial webpublishing adventure.

[update... and here is said feed :o)]

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Untitled Document

Open source live audio broadcasting

I love far out requests :o) Just got one from a couple of faculties thinking about running a 'virtual conference' later this year.

Now, as far as I know there isn't a CMS that sets up live broadcast (as you would want in a video conference) and even if there was... I doubt it also has the synchronous chat tool that people would really want as well. There are, of course, commercial solutions like elluminate live or horizon live... but a. blood, stone, bureaucracy :o), b. That's no fun & c. (something to do with importance of GNU, open sourcing).

So I'm looking around for something which I could install on my funky new webserver that could meet the challenge [although I'm happy to run another chat tool while broadcasting... they don't have to be integrated]

So far not much luck though...

LiveIce and IceCast look like they could have potential, lots of it, but the chances of me even understanding half of the documentation (I'm trying!) let alone installing and using it are pretty slim.

From an article by Drazen Pantic The Open Source Streaming Alliance looks like it's got some links too. Including how to live stream Real and how to live stream with Windows Media but it looks waaay old.. perhaps OK for 95 but not now :o(

I've tried Peercast to but it seems like 'just' a windows based server for broadcasting music... looks like it could be the kind of thing we might use though.

What I'd REALLY like is a webpage where you can log in as a 'speaker', choose a 'room', click on 'broadcast' talk into your mic and go for your life. Hmmmmmm, anyone know of such a miracle :o)

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Untitled Document

Building Cyber Cities (or not!)

Ton gives a fantastic rundown of his thoughts on founding a city in cyberspace. In preparation for Blogwalk 3.0 (god I'm jealous!)

"...We shape our city as much as it shapes us. Until the the net is a two-way thing for most of it's users, it will be like an empty city however, where loads of tourists come everyday to look around, shipped from sight/site to sight/site without knowing how one relates to the other, but nobody breathes life into it, with no real inhabitants that both create and feel it's pulse. That is what the current state of the web is mostly like.

Planning of cities doesn't work very well, even if we try..." [Ton's Interdependent Thoughts]

This reminds me of the article Clay brought up a while back, A City is Not a Tree, and makes me want to spraff away to just about anyone who will listen about artificial / organic communities and networks. I'm looking forward to the 'micro actions' to follow!

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Untitled Document


Hey, check out the Bliki tool Cardboard [via Bill]. I like the idea of wiki KMS functionality combined with blog social networking... Tiki does it but feels a bit constrained... anything that will provide this with the fluidity of template construction that, say, Wordpress or Radio offers for both Wikis & Blogs together (with a nice coherent admin area) has got to be a winner.

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Nothing to do with the great civil rights leader, James Farmer, but here are some links that are:

Greensboro sit-ins
Family (with pictures)


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