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  Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Redlands California temple now open for visitor tours.  The recently completed Redlands California temple, the newest of the LDS small-scale temples, will be open for public tours through September 6, 2003.  The official LDS website notes that "like other smaller temples, the Redlands California Temple will be open by appointment only."

Local media are also running stories on the new temple: the Desert Sun in Palm Springs("Temple Holds Traditions of Time"), the San Bernadino Sun ("A Look Inside New Mormon Sanctum Sanctorum"), and, getting really local, the Redlands Daily Facts ("Temple Opens Its Doors").  I suppose someone ought to inform the local Redlands paper that LDS temples never actually open their front doors (access is achieved through underground tunnels or sealed passageways from adjacent annex buildings), but that's probably more detail than they needed to properly celebrate their community's newest landmark. 5:22:15 PM      

Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven continues to draw media attention, most recently in a short piece highlighting Krakauer in Monday's Seattle Times ("Outdoor Writer Krakauer Examines Violence in Mormon History").  In the article, Krakauer responds to the rather pointed criticism leveled at his recent book by LDS officials and supporters, saying he "felt some of their attacks are really unfair and untrue."  Other favorable reviews have been published by the New York Times ("Thou Shalt Kill") and CNN ("New Krakauer Provocative").

Critical reviews include one in the Boston Globe ("Among the Believers," by Terryl Givens, an LDS scholar).  The semi-official Mormon response by Richard E. Turley, the Managing Director of the Family and Church History Dept. of the LDS Church, can be found at the FAIR website ("Faulty History"). 2:17:08 PM      

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