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Monday, January 17, 2005


It's now real, at least for me. This is the first EJB 3.0  that I  built, deployed and executed on our EJB 3.0 implementation that we are building on. To realize what are things being simplified in EJB 3.0, I took a backward approach. I used JDeveloper 10g to create the HelloWorld EJB and then modified manually to get rid of garbage code that we now need in EJB 2.x.


I plan to write a series of blogs demonstrating how EJB 3.0 simplify developerís life and will provide simple code examples. If you want to know some new features of EJB 3.0 please take a look at Simplify EJB 3.0 Development with EJB 3.0.


Here is the remote interface for my HelloWorld EJB. Please note that this is a pure Java interface and it does not extend  EJBObject. 



package debu.ejb30;

import java.rmi.Remote;


public interface HelloWorld extends Remote


  public void sayHello(String name);



I do not like annotations too much so I still use deployment descriptor to specify my remote interface. Here is the bean implementation class which evidently is a POJO and does not implement javax.ejb.SessionBean interface:


package debu.ejb30;


public class HelloWorldBean implements HelloWorld


public void sayHello(String name)


  System.out.println("Hell "+name +" from first EJB3.0");




You have to note that I no longer require EJB home interface and do not have to create a bean instance by invoking create and can directly invoke a method on the EJB.


Here is my client code:


      Context context = new InitialContext();

      HelloWorld helloWorld =  (HelloWorld)context.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/HelloWorld");

      // Call any of the Remote methods below to access the EJB




I really love this lean and thin EJBs and I am sure you will love this too!






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