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Daily link Monday, January 03, 2005

Are you one of those who think that podcasting is boring to listen to? Have you checked out Adam Curry in the past month? Listen to today's show and see if it still isn't for you.

In it, he said that Skype has become useless to him (other than to do podcasts with Dave). Why? Cause the minute he turns it on he gets IM's from people around the world basically saying "hi."

That's precisely why I no longer turn on my IM client. Well, that and that I have filled up my buddy list and can't add anymore people to it.

His solution? Let him advertise different status to different groups of people.

Oh, that is a killer feature! Does any IM have that? For instance, can I advertise to my family and boss that I'm online, but tell everyone else that I'm offline?

Update: Mike Lehman's podcasting song rocks.

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Just doing a quick scan of the feeds and see that lots of people are talking about the just-released Pew Internet Study on the State of Blogging. Lots of interesting numbers about bloggers and blog readers in there.

Here's JD Lasica's link.

I'll post the best analysis to my link blog.

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On January 18th I'll be 40 years old. Yesterday Maryam and I were talking about what to do to celebrate.

We threw around a few ideas while munching on Chinese food last night and finally came up with a good theme: the world's cheesiest 40th birthday party ever.

Here's the details. We're throwing a party at our house. We'll provide the food and the Xbox, among other things. Already lots of geeks and bloggers have said they are coming. I'll publish a list soon. Steve Broback even said he's gonna perform his most famous magic trick ever: making the cheese disappear (he was a professional magician).

Anyway, if you wanna come and party with us, we'll need an RSVP at

When? January 22, 7 p.m. to whenever the cheese is gone.

Where? Scoble's house in Bothell, WA, USA (address to be sent to RSVP'ers).

Who? The first 20 people who respond to this. Maybe more, but don't delay.

What? The world's cheesiest 40th birthday party ever.

How? You bring some cheese. Here, check out this cheese blog for some ideas. Yes, mom, there +is+ a blog for everything. :-) If you see it on the "everything gouda" blog, you are invited to bring it.

Oh, if you want to bring some wine or something else that goes with the cheese, that'd be great too.

We'll supply the dinner, the dessert, and some other fun stuff. You just bring the cheese. Oh, and, please no "cutting the cheese." At least not in the house, OK?

One more thing: instead of bringing gifts, we'll be collecting for the Tsunami relief effort to donate to the American Red Cross.

Update: Andrew Barrow sent us a bunch of wine blogs (he keeps the blog, which is all about wine and spirits). What could be better than wine and cheese together? Hmmm.

Here's his list, more on his blog:

Popping Corks

Thanks Andrew for sending those along!

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