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Daily link Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ed, Ed, Ed, don't you know that you're not allowed to talk about when that other company's demos crash? Didn't you get the memo? Pass it around. ;-)

Update, several commenters here say it wasn't a crash.

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Jeff Sandquist is doing a comparison of search engines that make RSS feeds from their queries (MSN isn't yet on his list).

11:04:55 PM    comment 

Quick, blink!

Did you see it?

Another Malcolm Gladwell book is on its way to being a best seller. I bought a copy.

Malcolm is speaking at Microsoft next Friday. Shel Israel, my coauthor, says don't miss him if you get a chance to hear him speak.

Shel writes the Conferenza newsletter. He visits tons of conferences and writes about them and last year Conferenza named Malcolm their favorite speaker.

Oh, and you can hear Malcolm's speech at the Pop!Tech Conference (which also got Conferenza's top rating) on IT Conversations.

I've already read the first chapter of blink and it is top rate. Can't wait to hear more from Malcolm next week.

10:51:23 PM    comment 

More MSN News: RSS Feeds for Search Results!

This is an experimental alpha-quality feature, so expect changes as they shake it out over the next few weeks.

10:29:53 PM    comment 

Wow, at about 4 p.m. tonight MSN Spaces opened its 1,500,000th space. How do I know that? Mike Torres told me at dinner tonight. Oh, and he said that instead of issuing a press release (that'll come tomorrow) they posted it on their own spaces.

Oh, and My MSN supports RSS now too! Here's the news:

Mike Torres.

Michael Connolly.

Jay Fluegel.

10:27:46 PM    comment 

Big news from Macworld: Mac Mini.

Very sexy! Looks like a great place to run Windows.

It's not as cheap as it sounds, though. No monitor. No keyboard and mouse. Compare to Walmart machines selling for $468 including monitor and everything.

11:32:16 AM    comment 

The guy who does Ventuz' Website (Maik Borchardt) just wrote me and told me that they had a post that said that comparing their product to PowerPoint might result in the wrong expectation.

10:40:25 AM    comment 

I had a meeting yesterday with IdeaBlade. They build corporate applications and sell a .NET-based toolset that enables such. Showed me how their toolset is shortening development times for building Internet Applications. They gave me case after case of corporations switching away from browser-based applications to SmartClients. Why? Because users are a lot more productive is the answer that Robert Otto, VP of business development and sales gave me.

10:36:32 AM    comment 

Wanna soup up your PowerPoint? Check out OfficeFX. Thanks to Larry Larsen for sending this one to me.

10:24:48 AM    comment 

An executive I know is going to London soon. He wants to know: anyone up for a geek dinner in London?

10:11:39 AM    comment 

Quick hits before I go to work:

Engadget is covering Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld live. The server is getting hammered, it's hard to get in. Gizmodo is promising updates too.

Famous business book author Tom Peters is coming to Seattle in two weeks. I always imagined being in one of his speeches, never thought he'd be in the audience of one of mine.

10:09:41 AM    comment 

OK, OK, I cry Uncle. Here's the Blogosphere News and another $5 for Tsunami relief.

Blog news from bloggers, for bloggers.

Speaking of which, I just updated my link blog. We're all waiting for the latest news from MacWorld.

3:22:22 AM    comment 

Another browser-based news aggregator. A beta of Lektora was released yesterday. Anyone up to doing a comparison between this and Onfolio's beta?

3:20:18 AM    comment 
3:17:42 AM    comment 

James Root sent me this one: it's a music podcast. SoundTrackFactory. They licensed interesting music for you to listen to.

Adam Curry, this one is for you!

3:14:22 AM    comment 

Carter Maslan wrote us a cool little weather application for the SmartPhone.

Oh, since we're talking about SmartPhones, gotta mention David Berlind's article in ZDNet titled: "Will Microsoft's monoculture take the 'pod' out of podcasting?"

I don't know, but I'm having a blast podcasting, or whatever they'll end up calling it, to my Audiovox phone.

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