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Daily link Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I was just over at Feedster and noticed a lot of blogs are having fun with a Mappoint bug. Basically it leads you all over Europe. I'm sorry about this, lots of people have reported this bug to the team and they are working on a fix. I hear it'll come in February.

Speaking of Maps, I wish the Mappoint team were blogging. I expect that over the next 18 months someone will put together blogs, photos, and maps and make something really remarkable.

Anyone working on something like that?

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There's a London Geek Dinner series brewing. Lee Wilkins has the details. Frank Shaw is a guest at the first one. He's a vice president at Waggener Edstrom (Microsoft's PR company). Now, you might think that Frank is just a PR guy. You'd be totally wrong. He has more contacts than anyone else I know. And he's a geek.

I wish I were gonna be there.

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If you are considering working for a big company, you might consider this post over at Dave Winer's site.

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G. Andrew Duthie asks: "Will 2005 be the year of Least Privilege?"

I wish it were, but I doubt it. I'm running in Least Privilege on my Tablet PC and it sure is nice knowing that Spyware can't load.

For those who don't know what Least Privilege is, it means turning off a bunch of administrator rights so that no software can install without logging off and logging back in as administrator.

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How do you make any portable media device sound WAY better? Get these white headphones. It's unbelieveable the difference in quality.

I am ordering a pair. I have a black pair already, but want a white pair so I'll look "cool" even with one of these devices. And, if you have one of these you'll find the Etymotic headphones give substantially better sound quality than the originals. They are expensive, though, so not for everyone. Only those who want the absolute best sound.

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Bummer. Google's video search is totally cool but you can't search for Channel 9 videos over there.

Yahoo's video search doesn't work either.

What's funny is searching either Google or Yahoo for "Channel 9 video" takes you right to the right place.

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So, how was the Blog Business Summit? Since I was involved on stage I don't think it's my place to tell you whether or not it was good or not.

So, I've been dragging over the best comments to my link blog.

Thanks to Steve Broback for inviting me and for the many many people who gave me more ideas for my own blog and for Channel 9.

I'll say this: I love hanging out with people who share who they are with the world.

Tonight I got to have dinner with Buzz Bruggeman, John and Alison Dillow, Mitch Ratcliffe, Linda Stone, Lenn Pryor, Paul Andrews, David Allen, Doug Rowan, and Erik Hansen.

These are all people who've done interesting things with their lives. Linda, for instance, was an Apple and Microsoft executive. John is a lawyer who works mostly for Boeing. Paul is a journalist with the Seattle Times. David is a coach that works with executives to make them more productive. Doug was CEO of Corbis (and built Bill Gates' house). Buzz is a CEO of Active Words.

What did we end up talking about? Oh, video games.

Did you know about Second Life, for instance? I didn't. Did you know that 10s of thousands of people meet there every day and pay real money for virtual objects?

I thought I've heard it all. I'm so out of it.

Oh, one funny moment from today: why you should turn off your IM client when you're giving a presentation.

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This is an incredible week so far. Hey, look who was on the Red Couch tonight. Yes, none other than David Allen.

See, I'm so far behind in my email that I knew that reading his book wouldn't be enough. I needed the full bore David Allen experience.

Tonight I got it. All day while going around the Blog Business Summit I've been asking people:

"How many emails do you have in your inbox?"

One famous blogger (I won't name names, sorry): "4,200."

Another: "2,100."

Another: "700."

Russell Beattie reported on his blog yesterday: "274."

Me? It's embarrassing how much. 148 in my "priority 0" folder (and a ton more in my lower priority folders).

Yes, I've fallen off of the David Allen wagon. I'm working tonight to get back on. My inbox is clean and my email is prioritized. That's a start. Now I gotta get it into David's system. His system does work. David reminded me again tonight why it does: "it frees your mind to do creative things."

Here's another few blogs that are very helpful when it comes to productivity:

43 folders. "if you keep finding that the water of your life has somehow run onto the floor, GTD (David Allen's system) may be just the drinking glass you need to get things back together."

David's personal blog.

Jason Womack (a David Allen staff trainer and a nice guy).

Marc Orchant's Getting Things Done page.

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