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Daily link Sunday, January 23, 2005

I just got my keynote done, Buzz helped me a lot, thought it'd be fun to post the outline. I don't believe in complex PowerPoint slides. More am of the Don Box school of presentations. I've always been jealous of his ability to totally own the stage.

And, of course, I'm jealous of Steve Jobs.

One thing Jobs does is minimalism: reducing a whole product down to just a few words.

So, in that spirit, here's the outline of my speech tomorrow:

1) Bootstrapping.
2) The Death of Distance.
3) Why?
4) Passion...Concentrator.
5) Amplification.
6) Results!
7) Relating.
8) Influence.
9) Listening.
10) Who?
11) Momentum.
12) Fears.
13) Next?

Anyway, this is quite a bit different from the PowerPoints in the attendee kit. Hope you don't mind, but this weekend was a life-changing weekend and my slides reflect that. Why go with last weekends' slides if this weekends' ones are better?

I'm off to bed. I'm way behind on book stuff. Behind on email (more than 100 priority "0" emails are waiting -- and those are the important ones, there's a lot more after I get through those). Behind on life. Heck, I'm 40 now. Gotta start living. Er, eating more cheese.

But at least the outline is done. Thanks Buzz, it was an awesome night!

The nice thing about such an outline? It could either be totally brilliant or the stupidest speech you've ever heard. Of course, by about 10 a.m. tomorrow I'm sure someone will blog about it.

Speaking of blogging. We're up to $120 in the Tsunami fund.

Speaking of the Tsunami fund, some .NET celebrities are renting themselves out to try to raise money. I think that's a great idea.

Finally, Scott McNulty says that getting a link from me isn't what it's about. Absolutely correct! It's about having a freaking great time with people you care about.

Just so happens that a lot of people I care about I've met through blogs. Why is that? Well, part four of my talk covers that.

For instance, I care about Scott. Why is that? Cause he shares his life with everyone (and his mom).

Me? I'm just trying to figure out if you can sell half-eaten moldy cheese on eBay. I'm sure there's gotta be a way. I'll just say that Buzz (or Linda or Evelyn or Werner or Chris) touched it and I'm sure it'll go for $15 a piece.

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Buzz is on the couch. It's Suntory time. I'm drinking Suntory whiskey. Buzz is having some wine. And on Skype when this picture was taken was Cameron Reilly of the G'Day Podcast.

Want some real content? Read Scobleizer for real content. We're having too much fun to do anything real.

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Memeorandum: Johnny Carson, King of Late Night, Dies.

I remember watching Johnny every night for years.

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I just dropped in on Joi Ito's IRC chat room and there's about 100 people hanging out in there. This is the informal meetingplace for lots of people.

So, this gave me an idea. For those of you who are coming to the Blog Business Summit this week, we thought it'd be fun to open up an IRC Chat Room.

Here's the details: we'll be on:

IRC Server:

Channel: #bbs05

Use 8001 port.

Direct link: irc://

I'm going to try to put this channel up on screen during my keynote speech. So, you can heckle me virtually!

I'm using mIRC on Windows.

A donation to is appreciated to help them keep up both Joi and BBS's chat rooms.

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Associated Press: Sony video chief admits strategic mistakes.

I wish Sony and Microsoft had a better relationship. I can think of at least three areas where we could really do some magical things together.

I am watching a Sony TV right now. I love Sony.

Hey, Ken, how could we create magic together?

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How do you tell a good party? If you have lots of interesting stories to tell the next morning. Halley: no geeks danced. Heh.

Steve Broback was the hit of the party. His magic tricks were great.

Thanks everyone for helping me celebrate my 40th birthday.

Oh, and we raised several hundred dollars for Tsunami relief, that's nice. Thanks especially to Dennis Hamilton, who made a very generous donation in my name. I'm very honored to know generous people.

Now back to reality. Today I'm working on my keynote tomorrow morning at the Blogger Business Summit and we're cleaning up the house.

I expect Chris Pirillo will have an embarrassing photo album of the party at some point. He took a ton of pictures with his cool new Nikon camera.

At one point the CTO from Amazon, Werner Vogels, and two guys who do oceanography research for National Geographic and a survivor of the Tsunami, Evelyn Rodriguez, were talking. In my house.

Oh, and we tried to get John Porcaro drunk (he's in marketing on the Xbox team). We were trying to get him to leak details about the next version of Xbox and he wasn't talking. Wouldn't even confirm that there would be another Xbox. Dang, he wouldn't break.

Let's see, Tom Peters didn't show up, but his branding guy did. Erik Hansen. Nice guy and he's the guy who talked Tom into starting a blog.

My favorite part of the party, after Broback's magic tricks (he's really good), was hanging out with Larry Osterman and Rick Schaut. More of Larry's stories from working at Microsoft for 20 years came out. Lots of pranks, including some funny ones about filling Steve Ballmer's office with thousands of superballs (little bouncing balls). This was around 1984. Turns out Steve's alergic to them and the little bouncy balls were scattered all over Microsoft for years after that (and some employees for years after that event celebrated by handing out superballs).

Oh, my wife dressed everyone up in black. Steve Jobs would have fit right in!

We handed out some prizes for best cheese (Rick Schaut won that), stinkiest cheese (Larry Osterman won that for a particularly stinky gouda), and Andy Edmonds made me a "Scoblephone" out of cheese, which one the most unique cheese award.

Halley Suitt was reading Tarot cards for partygoers and that was a big hit too. She hasn't read mine yet. Maybe she'll learn that this blogging thing is just a fad. Oh well.

Thanks to everyone for coming. We won't be forgetting this "over the hill" party for a while.

Last, but not least, thank you to my wife Maryam for arranging everything. The food was awesome (thanks to Jessica Smith -- you can run a blowtorch in our kitchen anytime!)

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What a fun time! We have a lot of stuff to do to clean up. Anyone want some cheese? We have so much food!

Anyway, Steve Lacey of the Flight Simulator team has the first reports up that I've seen.

What's real interesting is that we shouldn't have been worried about the numbers of people coming. It got a bit crowded at one point in the evening, but not unbearably so. So, I doubt there was ever more than 40 people in the house at the same time, but since some people left early (babysitters was the most common excuse) others came later.

Anyone up for lunch tomorrow? We can make you some awesome cheese sandwiches!

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