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Daily link Monday, January 17, 2005

Korby Parnell (on the Audiovox SMT 5600): "Drats! They're everywhere."

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Since January 6 I've posted 1,003 items onto my Link Site -- the quality of Web writing just continues to go up. Thank you to everyone who I've linked to. Kunal tells me we've chewed through 20GB of bandwidth in January alone. So, we'll be making some moves. Matthew Mullenweg has offered some hosting. He's the guy who wrote the excellent WordPress. He also just turned 21. I wish I were half as smart as Matt.

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Note to Ed Bott: If you think these photos of Bill Gates are embarrassing someday I'll have to show you the Apple Powerbook ad that I was in (it was college, I needed the money, and I was a huge Mac fan back then). Now THOSE are embarrassing! :-)

Someday I'll dig them out and post them.

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Jambo Networks is blogging about their preparations for the upcoming Demo conference. They aren't allowed to launch their product before Demo, but they are writing about the preparations their team is going through.

Disclaimer, they've hired Shel Israel, the co-author on the book I'm working on.

Interesting way to get some name recognition before the launch, though.

One tip: think of Nathan Gold, Demo Coach. He'll be in the audience. He's writing down how long it takes to launch your first demo. I watched him last year and the demos that worked best were the ones that started in the first few seconds up on stage.

Never been to a Demo Conference? I wasn't either until last year. Companies like Jambo get a few minutes up on stage to wow the audience (which consists of mostly press and venture capitalists).

A good job on the Demo stage can launch a company. A failure can mean no PR, no more money, and doom. You can see why companies put months into a few minutes.

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Seen over on Chris Sells: Samuel Wan's Avalon definitions, downloads, and install instructions.

Don't know who Chris is? He runs MSDN's Longhorn Dev Center, among other things. I have a feeling he'll be pretty busy this year. Oh, and he rewrote the famous Solitaire application for Avalon.

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Sean Alexander, in a response to Doc Searls' post about why we need an iPod competitor: "Until recently, the Rio Carbon was my favorite device, and it still just feels good in my hand, but this week, I took the plunge with a new Creative Zen Micro. Here's why I think it's a good podcasting device and a worthy competitor long-term in the end-to-end experience:"

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