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Daily link Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I've been thinking about this for a while. I don't have much control over the big things in life. Heck most of us don't.

But I'm watching the bloggers over at Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, Google, and here at Microsoft and I'm realizing that we have a lot of power. Howso? To do small things.

So, I'm wondering, what are some small things that we could get done?

Can we make a list of 100 small things? You know, things that a developer might be able to do in one day. Or, at least, less than a week.

And that can be approved by someone seven levels down from the CEO. Like where I'm at. I probably can spend $500 without attracting too many MBA types trying to figure out why I'm becoming a cost center.

What am I thinking about?

Well, for instance, on my link blog. What's the most popular word on it? What are the 10 sites that I've linked to the most?

What small things would you like to see Microsoft do over the next year? How about anyone else?

12:47:18 AM    comment 

Oh, wanna help change Microsoft from the inside? Jeff Sandquist (my mentor and coworker) is hiring.

12:42:21 AM    comment 

Jeremy Wright is such a flatterer.

But, no, I don't want to be someone with a big title, a big paycheck, and all that comes with it.

See, lots of people think it's about me. It's not. It's about the geeks. The people who change the world.

If you watch my videos over on Channel 9 you'll notice that I always aim the camera away from me. There's a principle behind that.

Business is a team sport. If you watch the Apprentice that's one lesson that should be learned.

I'm very blessed to have this job and to have guys like Jeremy who think what I'm doing is interesting.

Why do I say I'm blessed? Next week Charles Torre and I are interviewing two of Microsoft's smartest people: Gordon Bell and Jim Gray.

They are two of my heroes. Even better, Charles and I get to bring you all along!

So, what should we ask?

12:39:35 AM    comment 

Congrats to MSN on launching a new version of its search.

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