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Daily link Thursday, February 10, 2005

Over on the Red Couch site: dinner with the fired Google blogger.

11:44:44 PM    comment 

Economist: Chief humanising officer.

I like that title!

One unfortunate thing about the press is that they pick one guy to focus on.

The thing is, business is a team sport. Not one guy. If one guy could do it all Bill Gates wouldn't have hired 57,000 of us. So, these articles need to be shared by the more than 1,360 Microsoft bloggers who work in public.

I'm inspired by my coworkers. They've recently stepped up the quality of the information being shared. Kudos.

In the meantime, I think I'm gonna get new business cards since I have a new title.

11:15:31 PM    comment 

What a week in Tablet PC land. I hear Toshiba announced a new Tablet PC. I saw tons of new software this week. I don't have time to report now (got a ton of meetings, interviews, and speeches to give today and tomorrow). But I just saw this one:

Jason Mark: "[My Tablet PC] has taken the place of my iBook in my "go everywhere" bag."

9:19:18 AM    comment 

AlwaysOn: Diamonds in the Rough at Redmond. Interesting report from Microsoft Research's Social Computing Group. Go Lili Go!

9:12:57 AM    comment 

I was over at Keith Pleas' blog and saw that VSLive got an endorsement from Chris Sells. I have to say that the past few years for my ex-employer was pretty rocky. My wife was laid off from there right before Christmas a few years back. But, I agree with Chris. This was a high-quality event in a high-quality venue. Congrats to Jim Fawcette and crew.

1:15:36 AM    comment 

Whew, got way behind on lots of stuff. I half caught up with the link blog. Lots of news from VSLive there.

12:58:08 AM    comment 

You're invited to a speech I'm giving at San Jose State University today at 2:30 p.m.

My former boss, Steve Sloan, has the details.

We're also gonna do a geek dinner in San Jose at Gordon Biersch at 33 East San Fernando Steet. That'll start at 6 p.m.

See you there!

12:55:52 AM    comment 

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