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Daily link Friday, February 04, 2005

The "non admin" meme continues to take hold. Here's a Wiki for people who run computers in non-administrator mode that was just opened by Jonathan Hardwick.

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Rob Greenlee: "I have no desire to spend $300 to $400 dollars on an iPod device."

Think that Rob doesn't know his audio devices? He has been broadcasting his webtalkradio show for years.

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Chris Haaker wants to buy a Tablet PC and wants to know how to sell his boss on one.

The best way I've found is to get hired by a boss who already has one!

While we're talking again about Tablet PCs, check out the Tablet PC PowerToys page. There's a ton of new stuff there since last time I looked.

Oh, and even if you could care less about the Tablet PC, you should meet Guy Barker. I met him today and on his own time he's building applications for people who don't have as many abilities as most of us have.

Where did he get the passion for this topic? A friend of his has a speech disability. So, Guy wrote him an app that'd turn his handwriting into text.

I love working with people like Guy who see a problem and try to solve it.

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