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Daily link Sunday, February 27, 2005

A question for Cory Doctorow: if Microsoft were building the proxies you are asking about would you feel the same way?

Where is the line? Be very careful about what you ask for. You just might get it.

As a user I'd love all sorts of things. But don't you see that the rights of the end-user are in conflict with the rights of the content producer? Will you ALWAYS settle the argument in favor of the user?

Believe me, service vendors around the world are salivating over this stuff. Not just at Microsoft, either. Imagine being at a service like Bloglines. Now, imagine clicking a button and having all sorts of links added to other Bloglines stuff.

Do you see how linking can be used to build a walled-in garden that actually turns out to be anti-user?

And, do you see how there soon will be software competing for links?

How will the user know where links come from anymore? Many of my friends have four toolbars loaded already. Imagine a world where all four toolbars fight over links. What then?

This is such a slippery slope. Do you really want to go down this slope? If you allow Google to do this, you are opening a pandora's box that you'll never close.

Do you really want to open it?

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I love the "ChangeThis" site. They have a ton of "manifestos" in Adobe PDF format (the design is beautiful). Here's one that caught my eye: "What is Open Source marketing?"

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I've tried everything to get a look at the next Xbox, but have failed. However, if it's even half as good as the hype that's hitting the blogosphere, damn.

Don't know who Jeremy Allaire is? He sold his company to Macromedia. So if Jeremy is excited, I'm excited!

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While over on Dave's blog today I see that the computer industry lost one of its greats: Jef Raskin.

Thanks Jef for all the work you did to improve our lives. (I was an early Apple II user and Macintosh fan).

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Note to John Robb and Dave Winer (who are asking for credit for their work): our book about blogging isn't about giving credit to me. We're writing the book. It's about showing how to use the tools you guys pioneered to improve your business.

To ensure everyone gets the credit they deserve, we're doing each chapter in public so you can see what we're doing AND CORRECT IT IF IT IS INCORRECT! If you feel we haven't covered something accurately, or completely, please do let us know! I want a very accurate and complete book that we all are thrilled by. The first chapter will be up there in the next few days. Shel Israel is planning several interview trips right now. Including one to the East Coast. I'm sure he'd be honored to meet with you two, and anyone else that is playing a major role in business blogging.

Don't know who John is? He was my boss at UserLand Software. He hired me there. He also was at least half a decade ahead of the rest of the industry with thinking about how blogs could be used inside corporations to improve knowledge management.

Anything else? Let's take it over to the Red Couch and have a conversation.

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