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Daily link Sunday, February 13, 2005

I'm off to Demo. First gotta drop Patrick off in Petaluma. While on the plane I'll try to get to Elisa's questions that I didn't answer during my presentation at San Jose State University. Thanks for the constructive criticism Elisa! I'll work on listening more during my talks.

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Speaking of photos, FlickrGraph has gotten mentioned by several bloggers in the past few days. Trend alert! Mr. Brown is the latest to point it out.

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Dennis Dunleavy (he teaches photojournalism at San Jose State University) asks: Does blogging mean that newspapers are dead?

Wrong question.

The right question is: Does the Internet mean that newspapers are dead?

Now, that one is easier to answer yes. I already don't read any newspaper. At least not on paper. I read TONS of newspaper brands, but on my Tablet PC screen. Look at my RSS Aggregator. You'll see the New York Times. USA Today. San Jose Mercury News. Memeorandum. And quite a few other things that used to be called newspapers.

The real problem with newspapers is their business model is being hurt by the Internet. Classified ads are moving over to eBay, Craig's List, and search engines.

Speed and control is an issue too. I enjoy getting my news faster and in a more scanable format thanks to my RSS News Aggregator.

But, please note that I didn't say that journalism is going to go away. I just said that it'll be very tough for today's journalism students to get a job at a newspaper.

And, certainly, new journalism business models are springing up like mushrooms after a spring rain. Just read Jason Calacanis' blog for a while and I'll bet that by the end of the year he'll see 50% growth in employees this year alone (he already has 68 people working for him writing blogs).

I like his most recent post. Podcasting, the new accidental business model.

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Just caught up with my linkblog, so there's lots of good new stuff there.

I see that Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy, is defending his SuperBowl ad. Gary Petersen, for instance, calls that ad indecent and that he didn't appreciate having their kids see that kind of stuff.

Personally I continue to be amazed at the American public's aversion to anything sexual while violence is glorified. You do notice that football is violent, right? Even deadly at times. Right? So, why is it OK for your kids to watch the football game but not the ads?

Of course Gary's right about why ads like this get created. Why? Well, just look at this: a bunch of people with a Tivo watched the ad more than once.

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Being interviewed is about to get tougher, as Media Guerrilla points out.

What's amazing about the interview in question (David Berlind is letting his readers go along on interviews via podcasts) is that it took me a few seconds to figure out what the term meant on the search engines. I didn't know either. But if there's a term in your presentation that you're gonna use, you better know it!

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