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Daily link Saturday, February 05, 2005

Oh, interesting. NewsGator has new competition! You Software has an RSS News Aggregator, named "You Subscribe" that plugs into Outlook.

Anyone compare this to NewsGator? I have been using NewsGator so long it'd be hard for me to switch to anything else (and I love NewsGator's online services, which are free now).

They claim that it's easier to subscribe to feeds with their product. They also claim that it works offline so you don't need to wait for a feed scan when you startup Outlook (I don't find that to be that big a deal, personally, because I usually can't keep up with NewsGator's aggregator anyway).

11:03:27 PM    comment 

Andrew Connell moblogged the birth of his son recently.

I love when technology helps tell a new story. And what's a more important story than the birth of a new baby?

10:59:17 PM    comment 

MSDN has "nuggets." Don't have time to read a 10 page "how to" article or watch a full-length webcast? Try an MSDN Nugget.

10:55:17 PM    comment 

Pete Wright says "make this man an MVP."

He links to WebServiceX, which is a publicly available collection of around 60 web services that's picking up well over 600,000 hits per day. 600,000 hits a day!. Oh, that's very cool. I agree.

10:51:51 PM    comment 

Jeff Sandquist reports on a new 9/11 exhibit touring the country (it's currently in Tacoma, WA). He says "you must go!"

10:46:41 PM    comment 

Earlier this week I was playing with Really nice free .NET application.

10:43:51 PM    comment 

Steven Speicher understands why I'm so excited about my Audiovox cell phone.

10:42:24 PM    comment 

Halley Suitt is a "gamer mom."

Hey, Halley, get Xbox Live setup and then we'll play a game of golf.

10:34:53 PM    comment 

Shawn Burke: Open Source .NET's Windows Forms?

I like that idea!

10:23:59 PM    comment 

Astronomy projects for kids over on the Sloan Digitial Sky Survey site.

I gotta take Patrick to a star party.

When I interview Jim Gray this week we'll definitely talk about this.

10:22:08 PM    comment 

The world is about to come to an end: Starbucks Coffee Liqueur.

I'm off to Starbucks. Is this alcohol gonna give you a buzz and keep you awake at the same time?

10:18:51 PM    comment 

Patric Johansson: The creator of Java don't get the difference between managed and unmanaged code.

"The comments made by Gosling shows clearly heís scared of .NETís success but having problems coming up with any real convincing arguments not to use .NET.

10:13:51 PM    comment 

You knew it was coming: the Tablet PC Bible.

10:11:54 PM    comment 

.NET developers: Cool demo of Protocube's ExplorerBar.

I wish every company just put a simple screen capture of what their app does like this up.

10:04:34 PM    comment 

Everyone who works at Microsoft should listen to the G'Day Podcast with guest Marc Orchant (Mick and Cameron rif on a variety of geek topics). Here, I'll make it easy for you. Fast forward to 13:26. That's what everyone at Microsoft should hear. Heck, listen to the whole thing. It's a lot of fun.

9:54:34 PM    comment 

John Montgomery says that the new RSS Bandit beta rocks. I've gotta go try that out. Congrats Dare!

Wanna try an RSS News Aggregator and join the RSS world? You can't go wrong here. First RSS feed you should subscribe to? Why, my link blog, of course! It's now up to date. The feed is at: (copy that URL into RSS Bandit's "new feed" feature to subscribe).

Hey, Dare, how do I get added as a default feed?

Update: I just downloaded and WOW is it a lot better than the last time I tried it out. Fast, nice UI, easy to figure out, and love those "Toast" alerts!

8:32:27 PM    comment 

Right before I walked into Fry's with Patrick Steve Gillmor called me up to say hi. We talked about a few things but especially podcasting.

I threw out "wouldn't it be fun to do a short audio show of me just talking about what I saw today in my link blog?" He loved that idea.

But, I've gotta get into doing the book. Here's the thing. I'm starting to really get into audio. Why? Cause I am tired of typing by the time I get home. I'm getting so much email I can't keep up. But I could open my TabletPC up and start talking.

Half the show I could do specifically to my book co-author Shel Israel. The other half I could talk through what I'm seeing in my aggregator.

Whadda ya think? Yeah, yeah, it won't be as good as "G'day World." But then Mick and Cameron have real talent. Me? I am a geeky white dude.

8:03:31 PM    comment 

Eric Rice: Quicktime vs. Windows Media.

Terry Storch, IT guy at USA's fifth largest church, writes that they recently moved to Quicktime and found that their viewership went way down.

Interesting. Hey, Terry, have you checked out Windows Media High Def?Oh, check out the Windows Media home page -- it has a different look lately. Lots of fun stuff there.

7:46:01 PM    comment 

Chandu Thota links to a review of Streets and Trips 2005. Having a GPS is cool.

I just bought one. It's very cool.

7:40:49 PM    comment 

Note to Lora Heiny: yes, I'd love to do a video with the folks who wrote ArtRage. That app rocks!

7:36:10 PM    comment 

Steve Jurvetson has what this geek wants: a Skype shirt.

At least I have the beta of Skype with voicemail now. Thanks Lenn!

7:32:12 PM    comment 

Just got Patrick a new computer at Fry's. Came to $550 after rebates. He talked me up. It's amazing what you can get for $550 now. It's a Compaq. AMD Sempron 3100 processor. Comes with 512MB of RAM. 80GB 7200 RPM hard drive. Integrated graphic with 128MB of memory (Translation: this thing should run Longhorn just fine). Modem. Keyboard and mouse. Network. XP Home with SP2 already loaded. And a DVD R/RW. Not too shabby.Oh, they have a $600 notebook that's pretty nice too. Almost went for that but I don't think Patrick's ready for a laptop yet. He's only in fifth grade and I figure he'll get it stolen or drop it and his school isn't setup to handle laptops anyway.

So, figured I'd get him a PC that he could open up, put cards in and upgrade, and he could use that as a server as he gets older.

It's just amazing what you can get for $550 now, though. I remember spending almost that much on just a 14.4k modem back in 1992.

Oh, and we went to Pixel USA thinking that we'd be able to build our own PC and save some money. No dice. There isn't the price differential that there used to be between buying a complete system and doing it yourself.

One last thing? Fry's was PACKED. Glad to see Silicon Valley's economy rocking and rolling again. I remember getting a tour from John Fry of the Sunnyvale store (which is where we were -- it's a block from AMD's headquarters). That was their first million-dollar-of-sales-day at any store. I bet they are doing that on a regular basis now.

6:05:24 PM    comment 

Remember that "Microsoft employees are using iPod" article this week in Wired? Ahh, that was fun. Now Wired DOES drive traffic! (about 20,000 visitors so far alone).

The author, Leander Kahney, has a blog and posts some criticism he took.

Wonder why he didn't respond? And where's the comments?

12:32:17 PM    comment 

Mary Hodder is reporting that Ask Jeeves bought Bloglines. Congrats to Mark Fletcher!

12:07:15 PM    comment 

Good morning!

There's a journalist out there (Andy Orlowski) that's trying to teach me a "nofollow" lesson. He quotes me, but doesn't link to me. Why not? He hasn't told me, but I bet it's because he didn't want me to get some more Google juice.

See, this is what I don't get about the "nofollow" arguments (lots of people argued with me recently and said that the new "nofollow" attribute on links would destroy the Web). You already have the ability to "punish" someone you don't like by talking about them but not linking to them.

See how this is done?

Oh, and Andy, I haven't rebooted my Tablet PC all week and it's still working just fine.

The funny thing is that he does link to other bloggers and they are only seeing a trickle of traffic. If the Register really had millions of readers every day they'd be driving more traffic with a link than Slashdot. Heck, Joel Spolsky drives more traffic than the Register.

But, thanks Andy, for the "nofollow" lesson. It'll be interesting to see if those who are against "nofollow" will give Andy the same amount of heck for not giving me my God-given-right to some more Google juice. :-)

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