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Daily link Sunday, February 06, 2005

The "Blog of Death" never brings good news, but sometimes it brings news of a tragic end of life at too young an age. This is one of those times. Tonight I learn that Dan Lee, a Canadian animator who designed several characters on "Finding Nemo" died on Jan. 15 of cancer. He was 35.

So young. I'm 40. My heart goes out to those at Pixar and other people who knew Dan.

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Lisa Williams: How I Made Four Minutes About Podcasting.

I love getting little tech tips like this. I wish more people did them too. If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's worth a watch. (RealPlayer required).

10:22:32 PM    comment 

Bob Parsons (GoDaddy's CEO): What happened to GoDaddy's second SuperBowl Ad.

Update: we're watching how their search engine rank changes over the next few days over on our Red Couch book site.

9:33:08 PM    comment 

The early returns after looking through the blogosphere? The ad was the best. I loved it! You can see it, and all the other ads here.

Also getting talked about a lot is the Budweiser ad.

7:36:21 PM    comment 

Tablet PCs at Yahoo? Jeremy has the pictures.

7:24:50 PM    comment 

Verizon: lame.

Verizon just spent $2 million for an ad for "Vcast" but when I go to "" there's nothing there about it. Stoooooooppppppiiiiiiiddddddd.

OK, it's on But how many people will know that?

Personally my cell phone already lets me get streaming video. Sounds like Verizon just wanted to do a brand ad so that you think that Verizon is cool.

6:19:18 PM    comment 

Hmmm, I was watching the commercials and a football game broke out late in the third quarter.

6:12:32 PM    comment 

Oh, Napster gets in your face with its comparison to iTunes on its Super Bowl ad: do the math. Alright!

5:59:45 PM    comment 

The folks in Joi Ito's chat room agree. Paul McCartney rocks. And THAT was a cool halftime show.

5:32:48 PM    comment 

Homestarrunner's site is getting slammed. They just put up a new Flash movie for the SuperBowl halftime.

The folks hanging out in Joi Ito are all trying to get in. Will report when we get in and see it.

Update: The Homestarrunner thing is here. I still can't get in, but someone did and gave me the URL.

5:26:26 PM    comment 

Good idea for MSN's search team: hold a photo contest to get your picture up on the home page of MSN Search (there's a football picture there now). I'd definitely tell all my friends and family if one of my pictures got up there.

5:22:37 PM    comment 

Holy crud! An actual Microsoft ad was on during the Superbowl? And a nice one too.

5:15:37 PM    comment 

I'm in Joi Ito's chat room. I'll be there for the length of the game today. Come join us. We can chat about the game. Er, the commercials.

4:43:45 PM    comment 

Hmmm, I was obsessing over the wrong company. Let's see, Sony comes out with a portable game machine and takes the industry by storm. Olympus today advertises a device that plays music and takes pictures and looks pretty cool.

I bet that by the end of the month Business Week will write an article titled: "Pocket Wars." Who'll be interviewed? Peter Rojas of Engadget, of course.

My son is sitting here playing with Maryam's niece and nephew. He has a Nintendo DS.

What will be in YOUR pocket?

4:37:47 PM    comment 

Marc Orchant and crew have started an "ad blog": AdJab. They are talking about the SuperBowl ads.

Mary Hodder says she Tivo'd the game so that she could take a walk (very smart it's BEAUTIFUL in California right now). She's gonna fast forward to WATCH the commercials! Heh. My wife would enjoy that too. She doesn't like football.

4:16:52 PM    comment 

I'm watching the Super Bowl. Congrats Olympus! You did an ad like what I'm talking about! Made me want to see what the product was that you were pitching. I want one. What is it? m:robe.

You can watch the SuperBowl ads on ifilm.

3:55:10 PM    comment 

Interesting interview with Bill Gates in Germany's Spiegel magazine. Thanks to Bill Lazar, who pointed this out.

This one will probably be on Slashdot soon. The interviewer was pretty agressive with BillG.

1:06:33 PM    comment 

I'm listening to Leo Laporte's show on KFI and hanging out in the chat room. KFI is one of the most powerful radio stations in the world (based in Los Angeles) but you can listen in on streaming audio anywhere.

He's on every weekend. His show is also available as a podcast.

11:30:29 AM    comment 

Doppler Radio 2.0 is out. Awesome. My favorite podcasting consumption software.

11:24:56 AM    comment 

Are you on the blog map yet?

Read about it over on Chandu Thota's blog. He just updated it.

my blogmap
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