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Daily link Friday, February 25, 2005

I got several notes over the past few days that John Dvorak was wrong. Microsoft has lots of marketing folks, including Mich Mathews, our Corp VP of Marketing.

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Congrats to Andrew Davey for releasing version 1.0 iPodderSP, a cool RSS aggregator for SmartPhones.

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I missed that Chris Pratley has posted again. He's the guy who runs the OneNote team. I gave my entire keynote at Northern Voice last week in OneNote.

For those of you who are thinking about using a Tablet PC while speaking remember that your heart-rate will be elevated. Adreneline will be coursing through your veins. Why does that matter?

Well, for me, my handwriting was even worse then it usually is. Took a lot of effort to really concentrate on writing so the Tablet would recognize what I was writing.

Oh, if you have OneNote, check out Chris' post. Shared OneNote sessions really rock. It's the best thing to do along with Skype for audio.

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Remember that guy who posted a Flash-based resume? Well, he landed an internship with the Office team and has posted a new Flash movie.

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Adam Curry visited Microsoft yesterday (he said on his daily source code audio show). I was too busy to meet with him. I'm bummed by missing him, I wanted to throw him a geek dinner but oh well, we got a chance to hang out at BloggerCon. It's been an amazing week with all sorts of very interesting people on campus. One neat thing of working here is that amazing people from all over the world are constantly visiting.

Oh, and yesterday I was interviewing a team and we started running Linux. At Microsoft? Yeah, right on the main campus! Oh, now, don't freak out. I was interviewing a program manager over on the Virtual PC team. Cool stuff going on over there.

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Chris Waters has been raving to me about NewzCrawler and I see on it has a five-star review.

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Chris and I are sitting here playing with the NASA World Wind app. This thing is amazing. Very similar to Google's Keyhole app, but with a different look. We just heard the developers of this app on .NET Rocks. (The recording of the show probably will be up next week)

Here's what it is: it starts out with you looking at a picture of the earth. But it's not a picture. Use your mouse' scroll wheel. Whoa! In you go. Closer, closer, closer, until you zoom right in on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Let's just put it this way. You gotta play with this yourself. It's a HUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEE download. But it's worth it. Chris and I have been playing with it for the past hour.

Thanks to Carl Franklin for bringing this app to our attention again and getting the developers on .NET Rocks.

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The Register says I'm: iBore.

Ahh, what, were you expecting a SuperBowl commercial? All you got is a chubby white guy talking about geeky stuff. Sorry for being disappointing.

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Heh, I didn't know that Bill Gates is thinking of switching his name to "The Gates." It's true, it has to be, it's on the Internet. Honest. Look here.

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Chris Pirillo and I are womenless this weekend and are at home geeking out. We went downtown to get our bubble tea. Really bizarre stuff.

Good thing our women aren't here. Otherwise they'd get mad at us for reading Memeorandum tonight. Top headline there right now? Why women can't read maps.

Anyway, back to Pirillo. He interviewed Steve Gillmor last night and Chris said it's a conversation worth listening to.

How do you know you're really a geek? Well, it's Friday night. If your hands are on a keyboard ... you're probably a geek. Welcome to the world-wide geek party!

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