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Daily link Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Before I go back on blog vacation, I just had to admit that Julie Leung made me cry on Saturday night. So often we forget what life is all about. It's so easy to worry about features. Schedules. Market share. Traffic. Budgets. E-mail.

But Julie's photo story of her family's life at her talk at Northern Voice on Saturday reminded me what it's all about. Thanks Julie!

Update: Lenn, my boss, has an entry that brings home this point. His sister died tonight.

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OK, I'm back on blog vacation. Be back in a few days. Lots of interesting things are happening over on our book blog, though.

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Elise Bauer has an interesting overview of the Weblog tools market and relative market shares of all of them.

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Interested in the future of TV? So am I, so recently I went over and interviewed Charlie Owen and John Canning of the Media Center team. Got an hour with the team, so lots of interesting info about Media Center.

Part I -- Interview.

Part II -- Continuation of interview and demonstration. Also demonstrated is the Portable Media Center from Samsung.

9:58:26 PM    comment 

Correction: Someone I know at Microsoft talked with Jeff Reynar on Sunday and asked him if he was involved with Google's new Autolink feature. My source says that Jeff said he was not.

So, I'm issuing this correction.

Jeff, I'm sorry, it would have been great to have gotten just an email or a phone call so I could have corrected this sooner.

To anyone: If you see me make a mistake, please correct it. That's one reason why I leave comments on. Even if it's something seemingly small.

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