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Daily link Saturday, February 26, 2005

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Last night Pirillo was raving about his favorite browser: Maxthon (it is pretty cool). Today, over on Jonathan Hardwick's blog, I read that they've added RSS into its sidebar.

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Are you a developer who has built a .NET application? Jay Roxe, who works on the Visual Studio team, needs more apps to test for compatibility. His blog explains what he's looking for.

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At last weekend's Northern Voice conference I was interested by a small community of people who were doing video blogs. There was a session there and the videos ran from the emotional (one guy gave his last will and testament on camera before dying a month later) to artistic stuff, to boring talking head stuff.

I linked to a few video blogging sites to get you started in case you're interested.

Michael Verdi seemed to get the best read on why vlogging is cool. Here, watch his "Vlog Anarchy" post. My favorite line comes right at the end:

"I'm making stuff up and putting it on the Internet and you can't do s**t about that."

12:43:00 AM    comment 

I'm looking through O'Reilly's new "Make" magazine. Wow is it awesome! It makes me feel the way I felt when I first saw Wired. I'm seeing something major and new. Makes Wired feel, well, you know.

You really do need to get a look at this.

Anyway, just in case you needed a geiger tester Phillip Torrone shows you how. Oh, and he took it on a plane trip and measured the cosmic rays.

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