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Daily link Thursday, February 03, 2005

Seth Godin says that 100% of job growth comes from small companies. Now, I agree that most of it comes from small companies. But, Microsoft is hiring. And, I know all of our competitors are growing as well.

Almost every team I meet says that they are hiring. It's a good time to bring up Microsoft's JobsBlog.

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Are you a C++ programmer? Might want to check out Channel 9. There's an interview with Herb Sutter, architect on the C++ team up there now. Later today I'll load up the second part of the interview.

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Note to Microsoft employees: yesterday I also took Buzz and Doug over to the museum (it's underneath the company store). They've completely redone it. Far far better than it used to be. I'm actually proud to bring visitors in there now. There's this PocketPC array that's awesome too.

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You know, my life lately has taken me away from my passion: playing with technology. So, now that I'm looking at my life's priorities, I'm trying to make sure that every day I do something fun.

Yesterday, for instance, I called up my friends Buzz Bruggeman and Doug Rowan (Doug's the former CEO of Corbis, Buzz is the CEO of ActiveWords. Translation: two geeks). And I took them over to building 32 to see the new HP Tablet PC. (Thanks to TabletPCBuzz for the info.)

While there, we met up with Lora Heiny. Famous Tablet PC evangelist. That's her hand in the picture.

Anyway, the HP is the middle Tablet PC in that stack. The bottom one is the Toshiba M200. Top one is the super-thin NEC (which can't be purchased in the U.S.).

The HP has the best reading controls I've seen. Is the fastest one on the market. But certainly won't win any awards for being pretty.

While over there one, though, caught my eye: the Electrovya. Here's Frank Gocinski of the Tablet PC team using his. It has something like seven hours of battery life, he says. And it looks like something that Steve Jobs would love.

Oh, and while there we got we learned some other things will be announced next week at the Windows Anywhere conference in San Francisco. Ahh, lots of fun geeking out ahead.

Geeky thing today? I'm hanging out with Tony Goodhew. He's planning out the next next version of Visual Studio. Code-name Orcas it'll come sometime in the future. Then this afternoon I'm meeting with the Virtual Machine team. Later I'm part of a secret team that's gonna be a lot of fun and I hear Greg Reinacker of NewsGator might be around too (founder of NewsGator).

Hope your day is full of geeky fun too!

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