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Daily link Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Channel 9: Linux at Microsoft.

Interesting stuff going on with Linux in places you might not expect it.

9:51:14 PM    comment 

Thousands of people have visited the Team 99 thread over on Channel 9. Dozens of people have been nominated. One problem, though. Almost all of them are men.

Are there no women who can be nominated for Channel 9? I nominate one: Dori Smith.

Any others? Leave the nomination here on Channel 9.

9:39:37 PM    comment 

Drew Marsh corrects some of Robert McLaws' statements about Avalon, which is an API for designing next generation windows client applications.

8:58:41 PM    comment 

Joe Wilcox answers back with more on Team 99. OK, I understand now. Sometimes I'm slow and it takes a few times to get through to me. :-)

I've gotta do some homework and find out how we're engaging with user groups and what else we can do.

8:53:38 PM    comment 

The .NET Show's 50th episode was posted today. Lots of VIPs, including Bill Gates, are on this show.


8:50:02 PM    comment 

My boss, Jeff Sandquist is trying to get tagging working and he's having trouble. Can someone see why Technorati isn't picking up his tag?

8:46:12 PM    comment 

I think Bill Gates wants to be interviewed on Channel 9!

Hey, Bill, my cell phone is 425-205-1921. :-)

Even better, S+ me. (That's Microsoft lingo for getting you to setup a meeting in Outlook -- it stands for "Schedule+" which was the name for the calendar app before Outlook).

9:35:16 AM    comment 

Steve Rubel scoots Vespa toward blogs. (He's in the Wall Street Journal today and is working with the scooter manufacturer on a blog initiative).

Nice seeing you at dinner last night Steve. Remember us little bloggers after you make tons of money bringing businesses onto the Cluetrain.

2:46:45 AM    comment 

We've posted the fourth chapter "Direct Access" of our book on business blogging. So far this chapter is getting good reviews.

2:23:34 AM    comment 

Robert McLaws gets interviewed by Chris Pirillo. They talk about Winhec, Whidbey, Longhorn, etc. -- Robert is the guy who runs Longhornblogs, but he's also running his own software firm.

2:15:18 AM    comment 

In Times Square there's a new Nike sign. It's an interactive sign. You can call the sign up and customize a sneaker on it with your cell phone. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow. At the geek dinner last night I met the guy who designed the software for the sign. I didn't catch his name. I'm getting senile, sorry. I know he hangs out here, though.

He told me it runs on seven Windows Server 2003 boxes. Very cool.

Can't wait to see what the sign industry does with Avalon.

2:08:59 AM    comment 

Bill Gates, in the Seattle PI: "I'd say overwhelmingly [Microsoft's corporate weblogging] is good. It does raise lots of questions. ... Now you have thousands of spokespeople and being off the cuff is part of the whole charm of the thing."

The rest of the article deals with the next Xbox, which Gates let slip is coming this year. Christmas is gonna be wild!

I gotta save up so I can buy one of the new Xbox's. The hype on them is gonna get real loud, really fast.

1:46:09 AM    comment 

Thanks to everyone who came to the geek dinner. I wish I had more to report, but I just enjoyed getting to meet a bunch of people I've never met before. I'm actually horrible with names and there were too many people there to really have deep conversations with more than a couple.

Maultasch says he hates blogging dinners, after attending the one last night.

Other reports: David Parmet.

Nat Luengnaruemitchai.

BL Ochman.

Susan Mernit.

Ryan Saghir.

It's all a blur. If you wrote up a report, or took some photos, add your URL here.

1:34:09 AM    comment 

Hugh, will you please warn me when you do something like this?

I almost wet myself.

12:09:24 AM    comment 

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