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Daily link Saturday, April 30, 2005

At the presentation I gave at my brother's law firm on Friday, a couple of people asked why I hadn't blogged about Steve Jobs' action against John Wiley (the Outsell Now blog points out the irony). Well, first of all, Steve Jobs is a smart guy. Second of all, what almost always happens when a big company tries to ban something? That's right, it increases interest in that something. Heck, the last thing I wanted to do this summer was read another Steve Jobs book. Now I'm gonna have to get this book just to see why Apple is so mad about it.

Disclaimer, the publisher of the blogging book that I'm writing with Shel Israel is Wiley. So, I guess you won't find our book at Apple stores when it gets published next year. Hey, Shel, I wonder if we can get a famous CEO to ban our book?

But the real reason? I've just been so busy lately I'm missing some juicy blogging topics. Another one I missed? Adobe buying Macromedia. That is interesting, although it doesn't seem to change the makeup of the market much (Macromedia going to IBM, for instance, would have changed the market far more than Macromedia going to Adobe).

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Todd at a Penny For is fed up with blogging and its hype (and with me too).

As to my part in Todd's blog, I feel just as strongly this Saturday evening as I did last Saturday evening.

And that's no hype.

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Maryam took Patrick and me out to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We saw it at the theaters in Silicon Valley's Great Mall. When we arrived Patrick excitedly comes running over to me and says "that guy has a PSP."

Indeed, there were a couple of PSPs that I could see, but then I started really taking note. About 30% of the audience was playing with a gadget of some kind. Cell phones. Gameboys.

Those PSPs sure look impressive, though. Their big screens get people to talk.

The movie was fun too.

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