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Daily link Saturday, April 16, 2005

One more. This is for Mac heads, but this is cool. The Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor released the "hand that feeds" in GarageBand format for Mac users to play with and remix.

Thanks to MacDailyNews, MacMegasite, and Tim Verpoorten, editor of, for sending me that.

12:09:33 PM    Mudpit 

I gotta go get ready for the afternoon geek lunch (some killer people are showing up to that and it's open to the public. No invite needed).

So, one more link. Michael Swanson pointed to Electric Rain's new 3D XAML designer named ZAM 3D. I had a demo the other day. This thing is awesome.

12:01:46 PM    Mudpit 

Vimeo is sorta like a Flickr for video clips.

Hmmm, tags on videos. Cool!

11:58:56 AM    Mudpit 

Michael Gartenberg: Death of desktop PCs are greatly exaggerated.

That's in reaction to a Mark Cuban rant.

I don't see desktop PCs going away anytime soon, but the other parts of the market (mobile and entertainment, to name two) are gonna be sexier and get more attention.

11:56:49 AM    Mudpit 

Wait a second, who let these guys into Redmond with their Linux boxes? Seriously, interesting stuff is afoot.

Charles interviewed these guys for Channel 9. They are doing some interesting stuff.

11:53:22 AM    Mudpit 

Ant for Windows is in beta. Downloading now.The site says that Ant is the easiest way to find, download, and watch video on the Web.

Love the URL.

11:49:52 AM    Mudpit 

MobileTechReview gave a Palm advocate (TankerBob) a PocketPC and you get to read what happened.

11:48:02 AM    Mudpit 

Chris Shipley wrote me and asked if I knew any cool technologies that should be demonstrated at her famous Demo conference this fall. Anyone have anything cool coming out this fall?

Personally, I'll be at Microsoft's PDC the week before. I hear there'll be a few cool demos there too.

11:46:39 AM    Mudpit 

I don't like anonymous blogs, but I know the guy behind this one so I'll be willing to cut him a break.

Vangorilla asks: "Well it won’t be long before you will be able to click on a barcode and be directed to a targeted site. The question is whose site should it be based on where you click."

Interesting question you raise there -- in his post he shows how Barnes and Noble will possibly lose control due to camera phones and other devices.

I wonder what will happen in a post-camera-phone-web-services world? What do you think?

11:42:53 AM    Mudpit 

Ryan Midura, of Perseus, showed me how they are letting bloggers build surveys for their blogs.

I wonder how I'd use that.

11:32:04 AM    Mudpit 

Larry Larsen (on PoynterOnline): Implications of Google Video are profound.

Yes, although I doubt anyone would want to pay to watch MY home movies. Especially ones that will need to be approved by Google.

I wonder if we can post commercial content? Hey, if Google thinks it's OK to use our content to make money from, isn't it OK to use Google's bandwidth and server farms to make money?

Damn, I could save a lot of money in bandwidth bills by moving Channel 9 over to Google. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

That all said, I think Google's video service could really be cool. I haven't seen the UI or what not, but I'll definitely be uploading some videos and have already signed up.

11:29:18 AM    Mudpit 

Audio show I'm listening to right now?

James McDaniel's Gadget Guru (this week's MP3). He's the Gadget Guru on 107.7's the Morning Alternative show. Retired Microsoft guy turned DJ. Heh.

11:23:33 AM    Mudpit 

Neville Medhora is a student at the University of Texas and is writing a business blog. Well done, subscribed!

But his post on Tablet PCs is over the top.

11:18:48 AM    Mudpit 

Jade Ohlhauser: why I didn't buy a Tablet PC.

That makes sense to me. I wish inking capabilities would be built into all portable devices. I figure it'll take five years. Maybe 10. That's OK, I'm a patient guy.

Jade is a product manager at RPM Software.

11:13:28 AM    Mudpit 

Jeff Raikes, where's your RSS feed?

11:10:37 AM    Mudpit 

Hmmm, another quiet launch?

At least they have an RSS feed. I guess we'll have to wait until April 25 to see what's up (I'm not involved in this one, just saw the URL get passed around internally).

11:09:04 AM    Mudpit 

Fun videos of a shredding machine in action. Love watching it eat a refrigerator.

11:05:38 AM    Mudpit 

OK, get your aggregators ready! Let's see how much I can blog in an hour or two.

So, let's start. MSDN Magazine is looking for a tech editor.

11:03:40 AM    Mudpit 

Hmmm, there's 156 bloggers surrounding my house (near Seattle, WA), but there's only 48 bloggers surrounding Todd Dailey in Silicon Valley? Surely there are more bloggers in Silicon Valley than that! Add your blog here. (Just paste your RSS feed's URL in there).

10:42:49 AM    Mudpit 

Oh, and Marc Canter and Don Park were (and still are) on my list. Sorry Marc (he complained about not being invited) and Don, (Dave said Don should have been there) and others. There are lots of other opportunities coming.

When you are given an edict to make it less than 10 people, it's really hard to get it down to that size and please everyone.

By the way, I don't get invited to every dinner and I don't often know about every dinner that bloggers have together. Why the edict that every dinner with a blogger must be open to the public? That's just not realistic.

Also, I'm working hard to get bloggers more and more access. This was a step in the right direction. This was an improvement over what happened before (which was bloggers didn't have access to Microsoft's top executives, and certainly not in a group situation where anything could have been asked and there was no NDA).

9:09:34 AM    Mudpit 

Dave Winer: I totally wanted to make the Allchin dinner open to all and public (as per your suggestion today), but that just wasn't possible given the logistics. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to have open free-for-all dinners with everyone.

I had a list of more than 30 people to start with and we needed to get that down to less than 10.

There are going to be a slew of geek meals over the next few weeks. Including one this afternoon with Matt Mullenweg here in Seattle.

Others coming up?

Tuesday evening with Buzz Bruggeman, Chris Pirillo, and a few other famous geeks. In Bellevue at 7 p.m. at Crossroads.

Wednesday evening with Anita Rowland and the rest of the Seattle Meetup. Details on Anita's blog.

There's going to be a slew of open meals and fun things to do when WinHec is in town the week of April 25-27. More details coming on that soon.

Oh, and we're still doing a campout near Seattle in June. It'll be right after Gnomedex now.

8:57:36 AM    Mudpit 

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