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Daily link Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The WS ReliableMessaging spec has been submitted to OASIS for standardization. Lots of discussion about this internally. Not sure what it all means externally. I'll be watching and for an explanation.

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Wow, I'm doing a lot of speaking over the next few months.

First, I'm very honored to be keynoting the Reboot Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. That's a real thrill. Maryam and I are trying to figure out if we can go to that together and, if so, we might also drop in on England since her brother lives there (the famous people's poet).

Next Friday I'm speaking at my brother's Silicon Valley law firm (he's an IT guy there). If you want to come, let me know. It's in Palo Alto.

On May 3, I'm coming to New York to keynote the BDI corporate weblogging conference. Steve Rubel is gonna be there too. We'll do some sort of geek dinner. Plans are being made now.

Later that week I'll head to Minneapolis to speak at Target (one of my favorite stores) but that event won't be open to the public, sorry.

In June I'm speaking on a panel at Kevin Werbach's highly-regarded Supernova, then I'm flying back to attend the Gnomedex event (I'll be speaking in the bar at 1 a.m., I hear! Heh.)

The Gnomedex geek camping trip will happen AFTER Gnomedex, by the way.

What am I NOT speaking at that I want to attend? The Syndicate conference. You know what I say about people who don't have RSS feeds, right? This is the conference about that.

One thing, when I started my blog about five years ago I never expected that it'd lead to me speaking at all these conferences. And it all started with Dave Winer and Dori Smith telling me that I should add a blogging session to the conference I was planning.

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OK, I'm outta the doghouse. While I was in there, though, DL Byron did the "doghouse podcast" for me. Actually, he has a whole blog and podcast for his pug. He calls it the Pug Blog. Heh.

Seriously, we're doing a geek dinner tonight. At the Crossroads in Bellevue. At 6 p.m. A bunch of famous geeks will be there cause there's a bunch of people here for the MSN Search Champs. If you don't know where the Crossroads is, call me on my cell. 425-205-1921.

If you can't make tonight's dinner, Anita Rowland is arranging one of her famous Seattle Blog Meetups tomorrow night. And next week there'll be more thanks to a bunch of events in Seattle.

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I'm saddened to see my boss, Lenn Pryor, leave Microsoft and go to Skype. He's one of the best bosses I've ever had the pleasure of working for.

Lenn is one of a few people in the world that can actually say they changed a big company. It's not easy work.

Anyway, my mentor at Microsoft, Jeff Sandquist, is my new boss (making me breathe a big sigh of relief cause he's most excellent too -- Jeff is one of those guys I always went to when I wanted to get something done). Update: Jeff just wrote about that on his blog.

As to Channel 9, Charles Torre and I have been running that for the past month and it's rocking and rolling (Lenn hasn't been involved with that because of maternity leave for at least a month now).

Anyway, onward and upward!

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