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Daily link Thursday, March 31, 2005

Are you a female geek? Do you want a nicer geek bag than the guys usually carry around? Check out

Oh, geez, I better hide this from Maryam cause she might use it as an excuse to spend $400 on a new bag.

How did I learn about this? Lauren Selig, the owner of Lalalaptop, met me at a Starbucks last weekend and told me about it.

11:56:30 PM    Mudpit 

Chris Anderson says that Mark Cuban is the prototypical longtailer. Don't know who Chris Anderson is? He wrote the most blogged about Wired article about the Long Tail.

11:51:03 PM    Mudpit 

Chris Sells says Avalon is changing his thinking. Whew, Steve Jobs hasn't gotten to Chris yet!

11:47:37 PM    Mudpit 

CNET Longhorn could be tough sell for Microsoft.

Ahh, I love a good challenge! But, I'm not gonna hype Longhorn up until you have bits in your hands. I learned my lesson last time. So, in the meantime continue writing stories that predict Longhorn is gonna be horrible.

Here, let me continue the trend: Longhorn sucks. It's lame. It blows. Go buy a Mac. Tiger (Apple's new OS, supposedly released to manufacturing today) kicks Longhorn's behind! Tiger has all of Longhorn's features TODAY!

Help me, Steve Jobs has put something into my juice!

11:44:49 PM    Mudpit 

Congrats to the server team for shipping Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

11:14:03 PM    Mudpit 

What's this? Google Gulp? Microsoft Neutrino?

Oh, don't worry Scott Hanselman, I've been drinking the TechED miracle juice too! Oh, I see you got the juice treatment. Heh. I hope you don't find the Longhorn torture room. They showed me that room the other day and said "if you leak any details of just how cool Longhorn is then we'll take you back here and make your life hell."

To continue along this theme, there's an MSN Search Spoof.

Did the W3C really ban DIV and SPAN tags? Now THAT would make life easier for Web designers! Heh.

Find any other April Fools stories or sites? Share them with the world over on this Channel 9 thread.

To put a good note on it, check out Betsy Aoki's GotDotNet Blues.

11:06:09 PM    Mudpit 
10:53:45 PM    Mudpit 

Sorry for being quiet this week. Been working hard on Channel 9 videos. The next month has quite a schedule. Today starts it off with a Windows Kernel architect. First time we've had someone who is involved in Windows at such a deep level.

Wow, just saw that Dave Winer turned on a version of just for MSN Spaces so you see most recent posts from those people using just MSN Spaces. Thanks Dave!

3:26:26 PM    Mudpit 

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