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Daily link Saturday, March 12, 2005

Over in the comments from yesterday's post about Scott Guthrie's post about IIS 7 vs Apache a bunch of people said that IIS is less secure than Apache.

Jeremy Wright just wrote back and said "I'm just curious if all of the "don't trust IIS with security people" realize that IIS has been quite secure on 2003 Server for several years. I can count the number of exploits on one hand. Apache, in the period, has had dozens."

Then he linked to some stats that even I didn't know. Interesting.

3:29:26 PM    comment 

I just showed Jason Calacanis the Register's "Scoble is uninteresting" quote and he said "first thing they got right this year."


Update: I showed Jason HIS quote here and he said "oh great, now you hate me and the Register hates me."


We're just having too much fun here at SXSW. Hope you're having a great weekend.

3:16:15 PM    comment 

Jason Calacanis, founder of weblogsinc, just walked in and said "I'm not blogging ANYTHING here."

3:11:28 PM    comment 

Oh, the Register is picking on me and other bloggers here at the SXSW show: "Scoble seems to scoot around the country - by Segway most likely - annoying all kinds of audiences with his "revelations" about blogging. Shouldn't someone be required to write something interesting before being asked to talk about writing interesting things?"

Thanks Sean Bonner for pointing that out to me. If it weren't for you, I'd have missed it. After all, I don't write about interesting things or link to them either, right?

3:09:44 PM    comment 

I'm talking with James Morgan. He is doing an online journal of new media, named Switch, at San Jose State University (in the fine art program). He says the best thing to check out is the Cory Arcangel interview. He's game and media designer.

Lots of fun people here at SXSW. I'm getting a creative urge!

3:04:12 PM    comment 

George Kelly is here talking to me. He writes the AllAboutGeorge blog and is a copy editor at the Contra Costa Times in Walnut Creek, CA.

He says it's all about bad puns, obscure musical references, friends, in theory it should be doing more audio blogging stuff like what Eric Rice is doing.

He played third base in kickball this morning. Neat guy. Different kind of blog than I usually read.

2:44:13 PM    comment 

Hey, LL, you trying to tell me something?

One reason I didn't link to you the first time is cause you don't post your name on your blog. I hate that. Stand up, be counted. Tell your boss you're blogging and jump in the deep end of the pool. ;-)

2:35:05 PM    comment 

I started an RSS feed about the SXSW show over at Pubsub. You can either read it in your browser or subscribe to it in your RSS News Aggregator.

2:30:34 PM    comment 

KSSX (a new kind of radio station) is doing a community podcast from the SXSW show. I'll do one soon. Eric Rice handed me a card that explained how to do it. Just call a number, enter a PIN, and speak your mind and you get to join the community podcast. It's like a virtual soapbox.

2:26:06 PM    comment 

Question for GoDaddy's CEO, Bob Parsons, who is blogging: why don't you allow people from Iran, Iraq, or a few other countries to register domains?

Seems that that policy hurts individual people more than it hurts the governments in these countries.

2:22:22 PM    comment 

Technorati is tagging SXSW. And I just did in this post too.

I have pictures that I'm snapping on my photoblog. Here's one of Anil at the kickball meeting this morning.

2:08:07 PM    comment 

I'm talking with Kevin Wen and Liang Lu. His company was acquired by He says that almost a million Chinese are blogging there. More than 400,000 posts per day. Wow.

He is telling me about 10PlacesofMyCity. This is a tag that you add to your blog where you tell about your 10 favorite things in your city. He says that about 200 people in China are already using this tag. Go to to see the results.

Add your own.

Update: I fixed some inaccuracies in my original post here that Kevin pointed out to me.

12:58:38 PM    comment 

Zeldman just called Matt Mullenweg up on stage. He's the 21-year-old who wrote the software that my link blog is running on (WordPress). Zeldman's slide? Is there a Mullenweg in the house?

Matt just released a new version of WordPress the other day, by the way.

12:38:08 PM    comment 

Had dinner with Tantek and a bunch of Web standards folks last night. Happy Birthday Tantek! Also, I see that he's joined the Web Standards Project. Great addition!

12:21:42 PM    comment 

Here at SXSW Zeldman is on stage. Lots of people are asking Eric Rice "what's happening on 3/20?" Ahh, a quiet launch meme? Er, relaunch?

I played kickball this morning with a bunch of geeks. Thanks to Anil Dash for setting that up. Met Michael Moncur. Don't know him? He has the best quotation site on the Web.

I'm sitting next to Marc Canter. Zeldman is talking about being in Sweden and having a bunch of people asking him about SXSW and telling him "EVERYONE who is doing an important Web site is here." Based on my experiences here so far I can see why that hype happened.

Jock Gill is sitting in front of us. He's the guy who did the first Whitehouse Website back in 94. Now he's working on Greater Democracy.

Zeldman says that we should blog that he's saying really profound things. I'm glad to ablige. Too bad you're not here.

12:19:44 PM    comment 

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