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Daily link Sunday, March 13, 2005

I just asked Caterina Fake of Ludicorp whether it was true that Flickr has been sold to Yahoo. She didn't deny or confirm, but she said in front of the crowd at SXSW "I'm gonna kick the ass of the next person who asks me that question." It's funnier than I'm making it sound. We all had a good laugh. I said "I asked cause we need a scoop for our blogs."

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Other search-engine-feeds I'm subscribed to to keep track on what people think of Microsoft technology:

"Internet Explorer" ; "Longhorn"; "Microsoft Avalon"; "Microsoft Indigo"; "Microsoft WinFS"; "Microsoft"; "MSN"; "Microsoft C#"; "Microsoft ASP"; "Microsoft Developer"; "Microsoft SQL"; "Microsoft CRM"; "Microsoft Xbox"; "Microsoft Research"; "Microsoft Channel 9"; "Microsoft Visual Basic"; "Visual Studio".

I'm also watching several other feeds. Oh, one other thing. I link to Feedster here, but I really use Pubsub for my RSS feeds. I find Pubsub's RSS to be better formatted, that I get more items returned. But I link to Feedster because their Web interface is better. I suggest reading these things over on Pubsub if you're an RSS freak like I am.

Which other ones should I subscribe to?

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Motivation to do a better job. Yes, I actually do read these feeds.

"Microsoft sucks" On Feedster.

"Microsoft is crappy" On Feedster.

"I hate Microsoft" On Feedster.

"Microsoft is evil" On Feedster.

On the other hand, I do look for the positive comments too.

"Love Microsoft" On Feedster.

Looking at the feedback the blogosphere is giving Microsoft, I can see we have a ton of work to do to increase customer satisfaction.

What is the blogosphere saying about your company?

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