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Daily link Monday, March 07, 2005

I love GapingVoid, the home of the little drawings on the back of business cards done by Hugh Macleod. Warning, some of them have adult language.

Here's a sample from today:

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Anyone going to SXSW this weekend? I'm looking for a hotel room, if you wanna share, let me know. I'll be arriving Friday and leaving Monday.

Update: Maryam says "you better update that post. Only male geeks need apply."


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Eric Norlin agrees with me. Whew, that's good. I'm getting beaten up in the comments and over on Brian Tinkler's blog. Which is OK. I'm used to it.

I remember having debates with people in college 15 years ago about whether users really needed a mouse and menus -- back then I was seemingly on the losing end of the arguments too (all the Unix geeks in the computer labs thought Mac users were dweebs for using a "toy interface"). Heck, that idea was already, what, six years old (actually older, but most of us hadn't seen a mouse or menus until Apple did it on the Macintosh) and people were still arguing over it.

Funny enough, I kept in touch with some of those folks and they are all using either Macs or Windows now.

Most of us only saw RSS after Radio UserLand shipped three years ago. So, we have lots of arguments ahead.

By the way, he's heard through the grapevine that Waggener Edstrom finds Microsoft's bloggers hard to deal with.

Hmmm. Being part of a global market conversation is definitely not easy, particularly when you have no idea what is gonna be said overnight. I'm sure it gives PR folks cold sweats. I can just imagine that every morning PR folks around the world start each morning with a cup of coffee and their aggregator. Shaking. Just hoping that someone like Scoble didn't say something stupid.

Hey, I have the same fear! Heh. Of course, I find that saying stupid things isn't as bad as it seems.

Waggener Edstrom, though, has always been great to me -- especially Frank Shaw, vice president over there. He's been nothing but supportive of the blogging movement. He, and his firm, deserve major credit for helping us navigate uncharted waters.

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The Podcasting Network does a page just for me! Now that's what I like! I can finally find the orange XML icon on this page without looking too hard for it. Heh!

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