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Daily link Thursday, March 10, 2005

Chuq says he's not an Apple employee when he blogs.

I think that's a very dangerous position to take. The reality is you're always representing your employer when you talk in public, no matter how many disclaimers you make.

And, certainly, your readers deserve to know who you work for so they understand the biases you are bringing to the table.

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Steve Rubel says his "blego" is overinflated. I wish I could find something funny to say, but my blego is overinflated too. Having too much blego is a very bad thing. Keeps you from being interesting. Someone pop my blego and save the world! Oh, my blego is popped. Goebbels is still here. Those of you who read my comments know that Goebbels is here to make sure my blego doesn't get out of control. Heh!

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Lots of news about Microsoft out there today. We bought Groove and made Ray Ozzie our CTO. John Evdemon has all the links on that.

Then, over on Dave Winer's blog I see that MSN has added a news aggregator.

I wish I had more time to blog, but I have a speech that I'm giving this afternoon to prepare for.

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Steve Rubel: Walt Mossberg (tech journalist at the Wall Street Journal) comes out against Google's Autolink.

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How can you tell a geek at a Duran Duran concert? He's the guy over talking to the sound crew and checking out the equipment.

And who did I find there? Mark Brnich, director of technical services for Eighth Day Sound. He was in charge of the audio at the concert.

Oh, I'm so excited! He's a Tablet PC fan. In fact, he was using a Motion Tablet PC to run the hall's audio. He says he loves his Tablet PC because it replaced a whole rack of gear. I wish I remembered the name of the app that was running on it. It was quite cool looking. He had digital access to all the amps.

Oh, and you Mac fans? His crew was using a Mac to record the concert. The keyboardist had another Mac up on stage, presumably to load various samples into his keyboards.

The lighting? Was done by a custom board that had a computer and display screens in it. They didn't know if it was running Windows, but it sure looked like it.

The concert? Was great, but we'll never go back to the Everett Event Center again. They ushers there were downright rude and the accoustics just weren't what I expect.

During the concert at one part a video was running on the screens behind the band. In it they made fun of the music industry with its "falling profits." Basically made fun of the industry's anti-MP3 stance. In the cartoon they blew up a building with a sign denoting "EMI" which, in the cartoon, stood for "Endangered Music Industry." That made points with the fans at the concert.

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