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Daily link Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Remember Orb? The streaming media service I liked so much that I saw at Demo? Well, they just announced that it's free. And that they added photosharing, among other things.

Thanks to Cameron McBride for letting me know this.

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Dave Winer breaks away from the EFF over the role that copyrights will play in the future.

I've been having passionate and interesting arguments about the role of copyright in our future systems and communities too. In fact, I've found myself arguing with myself over copyright. In RSS, for instance, I think that the world needs to release its grip in order for us all the win.

But, trying to sell that idea to others often leads to intense debates.

On the other side, I really dislike linking technologies as you well know. So, I find myself internally conflicted. It's something I'm trying to resolve one way or another.

It'll be interesting to watch how we all resolve the conflict between users and content producers and everyone in between.

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I finally got to meet Kim Cameron. He's Microsoft's "identity guy." We had a really interesting chat. Sounds like Kim had an interesting chat last week at PC Forum. He's trying to do something different around identity: get other people and companies who don't trust Microsoft to work together on an identity standard.

Can Kim get it done? I'm hopeful. We'll talk a lot more about identity soon.

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