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Daily link Monday, March 28, 2005

John Durant was interviewed on the second Office Zealot's Podcast.

Maybe we should start a list of all the Microsoft podcasts over on Channel 9's Wiki. How many people knew that Microsoft has a Wiki? I love saying Wiki. Wiki. Wiki. Wiki.

Am I driving you all nuts yet?

What's a Wiki? A website that anyone can change. You're in control of the chaos! Don't blame me. I just am a blogger.

I'm suprised no one has started a list of Linux distributions that Microsoft employees should check out. I guess that just because something is possible that doesn't mean it'll happen.

12:39:05 PM    Mudpit 

Steve Rubel reports that citizen journalists are being called upon over on MSNBC to report on another massive earthquake.

12:19:20 PM    Mudpit 

I just wanted to say thank you to Jon Udell who works at InfoWorld. He doesn't always write about things I'm interested in, but he always digs into his subjects in depth and shows how to use technology in new ways. Among all the tech journalists I read he's one of the few that I'd keep in my aggregator if I were forced to go down to 20 feeds. An example? His article on Amazon's OpenSearch API. Thanks to Dave for linking to it and reminding me that Jon's just doing great work.

11:09:19 AM    Mudpit 

Stephen Pierzchala: my kids are learning more by not being in California Public Schools.

I agree. My son is in a California Public school. They are so far behind kids in other states it isn't funny. Class sizes are bigger. Fewer computers per student than my friends' kids in other states (my son's school doesn't have any computers for kids to use, for instance because the school couldn't afford to keep them up -- and that was for a Mac lab). Teacher pay ridiculously low compared to cost of living (translation: best teachers leave the state to work elsewhere).

Stephen (and Warren Buffett, who Stephen quotes) nails the cause: Proposition 13.

I was lucky to be in the Cupertino School System back when Prop 13 passed. Cupertino schools WERE among the best in the nation back then (and that reputation was among the reasons so many imigrants wanted to live there. Today the street I grew up on has mostly Asian residents).

11:05:44 AM    Mudpit 

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