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Daily link Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Interesting comments were left about the "quiet launch" of Crossfader. What's a "quiet launch?" It's a tease. A seduction. What's interesting is to watch the reactions. Oh, and the spreading of the meme. 24 hours ago there wasn't a single link to this URL. No traffic.

Watch the meme spread on Technorati.

Oh, and "peeblo" you might check the site again. There's an RSS feed now.

Whew, I thought I was gonna have to "fire" another team. ;-O

One last thing: you all are smart. It really is amazing to see you all work together to try to figure something out.

Oh, and if you don't get this yet, just listen to Amber's techno music. That'll make you happier. Or, at least, it'll get you dancing like Ballmer.

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Vic Gundotra (my boss's boss) was raving today about a travel app from Southwest Airlines. It's called "Ding" and that's exactly what it does. When it dings you have a few hours to get an outrageous deal on travel. It bings for other reasons too.

Hey, Maryam, check this one out! (We fly Southwest, so this'll end up saving us some big bucks).

3:07:09 AM    comment 

The state of Georgia now has a neat traffic Web site and a PDA-capable version.

Update: Jim Flowers says this site isn't new and that Georgia has had a traffic site since the Olympics.

3:04:15 AM    comment 

Optimal Desktop is a browser based on Internet Explorer. Really interesting. Adds tabs. And now has desktop search built in and has nice RSS and OPML support.

Worth checking out.

3:01:59 AM    comment 

I totally agree with Blake Ross (one of the guys who worked on Firefox). He says: "If you are trying to display a popup ad to someone who doesn’t want one, you won’t be around in two years."

By the way, congrats to Blake for getting funding for a new company. That's what Om Malik is reporting.

1:59:51 AM    comment 

Are you into comics? There's an Iron Man Challenge between 56 online comic artists over on Thanks to cartoonist D.J. Coffman for sending that along.

12:09:25 AM    comment 

Congrats Mike Gunderloy on making your blog a full-time thing. For those who don't know, Mike has a great developer-centric blog. Mostly a link blog kind of thing, but he's promising a lot more content now.

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