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Daily link Wednesday, March 09, 2005

One last one, the SXSW crew has a BitTorrent file of all the available music. I'm starting to download this. I need something to listen to on the plane. Thanks to Boing Boing for pointing to that.

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And, with that, I'm off until tomorrow night. Maryam is taking me to see Duran Duran tonight. Oh, we get to relive the 1980s! Albeit without the chemical substances that usually accompanied these kinds of things back when I was in high school. Tomorrow I'm speaking to book authors and publishers about, what else, blogs and RSS and all that hooey.

Hope you have a good one!

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I don't know how I missed this. Joe Jackson withWilliam Shatner and Ben Folds on the Tonight Show last year. Funny.

Thanks to MJMurphy on the TechNet blog for passing that one along.

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Jeremy Mazner is in charge of planning the content for Microsoft's Professional Developer's Conference.

Hey, Jeremy, I thought that meant you just emailed Don Box and Chris Anderson, told them the dates for the conference, and went home. Heh! Seriously, he'll be in charge of getting hundreds of speakers into a conference that is Microsoft's most important.

Just a little pressure, huh Jeremy?

Anyway, he's asking "why do you attend the PDC?"

I know why I'm gonna attend this year: to blog it. How about you?

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The Xbox team is podcasting all sorts of stuff from the Game Developer's Conference. Check Major Nelson's blog for more.

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A fun video is up on Channel 9. First part of a bunch of videos that Charles Torre and I shot at Microsoft's Bay Area Research Center with gurus Gordon Bell and Jim Gray. This one includes a demo of MyLifeBits. Gordon and his team (you'll see Jim Gemmell, developer on MyLifeBits, demo it) has scanned everything in his life in and is building a system to make it possible to make use of such a large data store about your personal life. Really interesting things, particularly for people who blog. You might get some ideas of how things might work in the future after blogs, photosharing, video, audio, PDFs, and other things are all available for you to use.

This week we spend a lot of time with Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell. Gordon is the founder of the computer history museum in Silicon Valley.

Jim Gray's stuff will come up next week. Really interesting look at the guy behind Terraserver and more.

I don't generally hype up Channel 9 videos often. This one, though, is special. It's not everyday you get to spend a few hours with gurus in the industry like these three.

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Jason Mcintosh IM'ed me about Myspace. He says it's a really great place for musicians to get their music up and heard without going through record labels.

Jason adds that it's not just music, but that that's where he heard about it first (his musician friends keep talking about it).

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Chuq Von Rospach, who works at Apple Computer, writes a very lengthy missive about Apple vs. Think Secrets.

The thing he doesn't get is that the press is SUPPOSED to be adversarial. They are SUPPOSED to try to get a story that you don't want them to have.

That is THEIR JOB. And, yes, if you leave your PocketPC around so a reporter finds it (and, whether you like it or not many bloggers ARE reporters) then that reporter SHOULD use anything he finds on it. Your job is to make sure you keep control of your PocketPC.

It's your job to try to control the story. I understand this conflict well. I've been on both sides of the line. But having an adversarial press is good for all of us.

Why? Well, read the book title of Seth Godin's book that's coming out for a good hint.

Another way to look at it? Let's go to politics. Should Woodward and Bernstein told Deep Throat (their source on the Watergate scandal) "oh, you know, you're breaking all sorts of non-disclosure agreements so we're not going to use this information." Of course not. So, why are companies any different than governmental authorities?

And, yes, it does piss me off when things leak. Particularly when they are stolen. My employer gets pretty aggressive about this stuff too. But, I certainly understand the conflict that SHOULD exist between the press and corporate marketing and PR types. If there isn't a conflict, then they are just our advertising agents. Does that really help anyone figure out the truth?

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Back in January 2001, Rich Levin told me that blogging is a fad and that I wouldn't be doing it much longer. Today he has a blog and explains that he still thinks it's a fad.

He thinks blogging is going to implode because of the flood of marketing types that are coming in and doing blogs.

I say you are totally missing a key piece of blogging: that you can unsubscribe from idiots.

Now, will we be blogging in 10 years? Heck, I don't even know if I'll be alive in 10 years so that's too far out for me to know.

I'm still having as much fun with it as I did in the early days, though.

The other thing is that I blog as much as for myself -- to get things that I like down and into the search engines as much as anything. It's taken over my favorites. My notebook. And more.

If this is a fad, it's the kind of fad that I like. Sure beats having a pet rock (for those of you who weren't alive in the 1970s, that was a hot fad back then).

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Remember a few days ago when I talked about viral marketing, well John Dowdell at Macromedia linked to stats on Burger King's Subservient Chicken campaign.

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Over on the Red Couch (our book blog) I write about the lessons I've learned from Dave Sifry and Niall Kennedy in the past few hours.

Niall got into a bit of trouble over something he posted on his blog and both him and Dave have been talking about it. Interesting lessons for managers and people working in public on behalf of a company.

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Evelyn Rodriguez: Forget Influencing For a Minute, Be Influence-Able.

That's good. I've been hearing from more and more teams who want to learn about how to talk to influencers. She nails how they should approach bloggers. Ask not what bloggers can do for you, ask what you can do for the bloggers.

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Ahh, the Nightline thing is over. It's fun seeing people you know on TV. But, like with most TV, lots of heat, drama but little depth. Of course, we have drama here too.

For instance, Shelley Powers claims that guys don't link. Interesting point!

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