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Daily link Sunday, April 03, 2005

Molly Holzschlag asks "where is your feed?"

She raises a ton of good points, including whether or not you should use an orange XML icon to tell your readers that you offer a feed.

One thing we need is a common auto subscribe feature. For instance NewsGator adds a little icon to IE that lets me try to subscribe to any blog. It only works 80% of the time because many weblogs haven't tested their feeds out with Newsgator and other technologies that automatically subscribe to feeds.

Hint: there are more "auto subscribe" technologies coming.

What are the things we (blog service and tool vendors and bloggers) need to do to make it easier for users to subscribe to our feeds?

12:23:10 PM    Mudpit 

VentureBlog: The Dos and Don'ts of presenting at Demo. Actually, this is a good list for software developers who need to demonstrate their technology to others to get them to adopt or buy in. Thanks to Buzz Bruggeman for making sure I saw that.

12:10:03 PM    Mudpit 

Jason Calacanis loves Google's gmail (and have stopped using Outlook and soon will stop using Word).

I hear ya. Hotmail has been looking a little long in the tooth. Omar Shahine, we're counting on you!

For those that don't know, Omar is one of the guys working on Hotmail.

The real question isn't who'll be first to offer two gigs of space (or the coolest AJAX UI implementation). The real question is: who'll do it for more than 150 million users first?

The race is on.

Oh, and don't forget Yahoo either. This isn't a two-way race.

My thoughts about email? Two gigs isn't enough. My Outlook PST folder is already more than five gigs and that's what I've collected in just the past few months.

1:13:18 AM    Mudpit 

John Moore went to the recent Word of Mouth Marketing Summit and saw Guy Kawasaki speak. Guy is the guy who practically invented platform evangelism (which is my day job) so this interested me a lot:

Guy's Top 10 Rules for Evangelism.

Update: apologies for calling John Johnnie.

12:54:51 AM    Mudpit 

Dare Obasanjo works on the MSN Spaces team and is watching that service for interesting blogs. Here's a few that he found.

The problem is that they aren't tech blogs. Dare notes that as well:

"What I like most about these Spaces is that their content is [mostly] not what you find in the Technorati Top 100 list which is dominated by men talking about technology and politics or women talking about sex. The above spaces just have regular people sharing the interesting and the mundane in their lives which sometimes do involve technology, politics and sex.

12:35:15 AM    Mudpit 
12:16:14 AM    Mudpit 

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