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Daily link Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Wanna see what Microsoft Bob looked like? How about Linux running on Windows? OS/2? Or BeOS? Well, spend 40 minutes with the Virtual PC Guy.

12:23:20 AM    Mudpit 

The heck with Google Juice. With traffic. With hype. With all the stuff everyone is writing about blogs. At its core I find it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Tonight an email from Gary Wisniewski greeted me. Who's he? Well, 10 years ago I was helping plan the VBITS conference and Gary was the other half of Carl and Gary's VB Site (the first Website for Visual Basic programmers). He's into photography and so was I, so we got a few of our friends together after the conference and did a photo tour of San Francisco. That grew into a yearly event which went on for most of the next decade.

I haven't seen Gary for years, but it's nice to get a note from him and it's great to see (thanks to his blog) he's having a ball down in Australia.

On this topic, Maryam had a high school friend get in touch with her through my blog (they grew up in Iran together).

Do you have stories of people you've reconnected with through blogs or online services?

12:07:15 AM    Mudpit 

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