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Daily link Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I was just over at the Autoblog and see that Microsoft's new in-car computer will soon arrive. Can't wait.

Since we're talking about the Autoblog, might as well talk about my recent car experiences. We rent a new car every two weeks when I go to California to see my son.

New Lincoln LS. Awesome. Best rental car we've ever had (although the Volvo s80 is close).

Jaguar. Overpriced. Lincoln LS is better.

New Ford Mustang. I'll never rent one again. My Ford Focus is a far better car for most people.

Chevrolet SUV. Big, comfortable, but not the Lincoln LS. I still don't get why people buy SUV's except that they make you feel like you're driving a tank and could go over anything.

Update: Doc Searls has his own two cents to say about the Ford Mustang.

7:15:20 PM    Mudpit 

So, I was sitting in a waiting room just now at Overlake Hospital. I hear those familiar words and music of Adam Curry's Daily Source Code. I look around, see a geek playing with his phone, which was playing Adam's podcast. Turns out it was Scott Peterson who works on Microsoft's Product Support team.

I tell ya, I can't escape from the blogosphere and podcasting, no matter where I turn lately.

Sorry for the lack of transparency on the hospital thing. I've been asked not to blog about what I'm doing at the hospital, so I'll respect those wishes.

Let's just say I'm hanging out at the hospital this week and I'm very grateful that the hospital has free Wifi! If I'm ever sick, put me into a hospital with Wifi.

7:04:29 PM    Mudpit 

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