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Daily link Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Here's the TOC for the Jim Allchin video (it's a 198MB download). This will be officially put up on Channel 9 tomorrow morning, just wanted to give you an early look.

00:00 Where are we and who are you?
00:25 What do you do?
1:10 If you wanted to change the start button to a purple color you could probably get it done, huh?
1:30 What's your average day like?
3:00 What's a Jim Allchin review like?
5:14 What don't we know about you?
7:30 You're dogfooding Longhorn?
8:41 Tell me about your press tour last week. (Discussion about what Jim's passionate about; 64-bit, peer-to-peer, stuff happening around edge).
14:35 What's going to be thrilling in Longhorn? (Reaction to Winhec reaction. Discussion of Metro. Discussion of what Winhec was for).
18:17 Why are you so passionate about 64-bit Windows?
22:13 WHen did you get into this industry?
22:35 Are you suprised by how far this industry has come in just your lifetime? (Discussion of where industry is heading).
24:53 So the PC is not dead?
25:17 Getting the Channel 9 guys involved. What's coming on the Tablet PC?
27:30 Any guesses on how long it'll take most mobile devices to have inking capabilities?
29:07 What's the developer story on Longhorn?
31:16 What is a business going to get out of upgrading to Longhorn?
36:09 The most exciting thing about Longhorn for me is security improvements (discussion of security improvements in Longhorn).
38:12 What kinds of new applications (or improved ones, like Notepad/Paint) will ship with Longhorn?
39:03 Will Avalon and Indigo be in Longhorn?
39:40 What is the desktop compositor?
41:33 What will Longhorn do with RSS?
43:00 What's different about search in Longhorn?
45:45 When will we get a chance to use Longhorn?

Video length: 00:47:05.

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Earlier today I found out Microsoft was asking community sites to pull down screen shots of Longhorn. Aaarrrrgggghhhh. Could we have handled that any worse?

So, anyway, because we've screwed up and made nearly all of our friends mad at us I got to sit down with Jim Allchin this morning and got approval to put the video interview I filmed with him up tonight.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"I'm a geek," he answers. Heh.

Anyway, I'm very sorry to the community sites. There are a bunch of very good legal reasons why we needed the screen captures pulled down. I don't understand them cause I'm not a lawyer, but I'll let the lawyers stick up for themselves (get a blog darn it! ).

What did Allchin talk about? A whole raft of things -- including where "the thrill" is in Longhorn (hint: the builds that are out there so far don't have the thrilling stuff). I'll try to get up a table of contents shortly.

Yes, Steve Gillmor, we have a little fun with you at the beginning of the video. Jim remembers "Allchin's last stand." I tried to keep my camera work a bit more, um, under control this time.

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