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Daily link Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Brian Bailey, who is an IT guy at one of America's largest churches: Scoble, Microsoft, and Politics.

"Lastly, despite the harsh things he wrote about the role of religion in politics, let me say personally that Scoble has been consistently kind and generous to me and my church, despite our differing views. In fact, he has spoken highly of and defended Fellowship in various forums."

Brian shows that in today's society we can find a way to communicate, even when we're on different belief systems. In society today we get so polarized and we don't look for ways to work together.

I'm glad that Brian noticed that I can work together with those who I disagree with on some issues. We forget to do that sometimes in our arguing over ideas.

Also, it really disturbs me when I hear that Christians are getting attacked. That's not right either. The answer to intolerance isn't more intolerance. One thing I really am jealous of many Christians is that they lead by demonstration. I have a couple of friends who are Mormon. They've never preached their religion with me, but have demonstrated that their religion teaches them selflessness and sharing through their actions.

Those are good attributes to aspire to, it seems to me.

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Scott Koon is bored by all the stuff he saw come out of Winhec yesterday. Or, more accurately, he's ambivilent.

I can understand that. Sometimes computers seem as exciting as cable TV, electricity, or water.

But, that alone is exciting. If we can make technology that reliable where it just becomes invisible (er boring) then I think we're all better off than the days in the 1980s when everything was so radically new.

That said, I do see a lot of radical change that is exciting. Cell phones, for instance, are undergoing just as much change as happened in the PC industry in most of the boom years of the 1990s. Every day I see something new for our SmartPhones.

And, sorry, that new Tablet PC that Gates showed off is just hot. I'd kill to get one of those. As far as Longhorn? Like I said, let's talk this summer when you have Beta 1 in your hands.

2:46:41 AM    comment 

If you are blogging from Winhec or the Social Computing Symposium, can you leave your URL in my comments? Feedster and Pubsub are bringing back too many "professional" sites and not enough "individual bloggers."

Update, heh, Microsoft has a list of bloggers at Winhec. I'll have to read them all tomorrow and see which ones I like the best. Which ones do you like the best?

2:37:18 AM    comment 

Robert McLaws called me tonight and told me that he's been working with Google to get Google to bring Google's AdSense ads into RSS feeds.

2:30:10 AM    comment 

Sean Alexander reveals the details behind If you're a designer you will want to check this out.

2:24:54 AM    comment 

Another example of how the market conversation is changing? Well, over the past couple of weeks there's been a bunch of blog consternation about Visual Studio Team System's licensing and pricing. In old days Microsoft employees might have responded in newsgroups or by issuing some sort of press release. Today? Well, General Manager Rick Laplante invited me over with a camcorder and said "ask me any question you want." Not only did I do that, but now you can do it too and he -- and his team -- will come and answer you.

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Here's a bunch of more news and links folks have sent me.

Computerworld: Microsoft aims "Metro" at Adobe.

Computerworld: Samsung and Microsoft to 'flash' hard drives.

ZDNet: Microsoft, SAP strengthen alliance. is another fun viral game. This time teasing Xbox 2. Funny that games work when they are trying to get people interested in games.

I got a look at the new Toshiba Tecra M4 last week. I want it in the worst way. It's a new Tablet PC that has great specs. Based on the buzz this one is getting already around campus this will be a hot one.

Toshiba has another new Tablet PC, the R15 and TabletPCReview has a review.

Electrovaya has a new Tablet PC too. One with a super long life battery and a cool new design. I gotta visit the Tablet PC team and get you all a look at all this latest stuff.

Being Bill Gates has its advantages. Bono stayed over his house over the weekend.

Speaking of social events, this week there's a Social Computing Symposium on campus and Korby Parnell writes it up. I'll be going to that tomorrow for an hour or two.

I'm uploading a few other things to my linkblog.

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Bill Gates keynote at Winhec brings a few new goodies. My favorite? A new super-small mobile computer. Oh, and some looks at Longhorn. Although this version of Longhorn was done for driver writers. I'm still not gonna talk about Longhorn until Beta 1.

12:21:34 AM    comment 

I really want to recommend a news site other than Google's news, but they bring me more of Microsoft's news than any other site I can find. Is that your experience as well?

So, here we go: Microsoft promises safer Windows (485 articles). All the press coverage from the Winhec conference today.

Microsoft hires new CFO. 98 articles. Welcome!

Microsoft ships Windows for 64-bit computers (100 articles).

Microsoft stresses security and quality commitment in Longhorn (21 articles).

And there's more. Whew, high flow news day today.

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