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Daily link Monday, April 04, 2005

Wow, OurMedia is only about two weeks old and Google already is announcing they are getting into the Video Blogging scene. Thanks to Steve Rubel for linking to that as well.

6:06:52 PM    Mudpit 

Steve Rubel is raving about the Annotated Times. I agree that that's a very cool thing, but I like Memeorandum better because Memeorandum isn't just tied to one media outlet. It's gonna take something really special to get me to give my home page to something else.

What do you think?

5:35:50 PM    Mudpit 

Kathy Sierra: Why I want a Tablet PC.

Thing is if you read this blog you'll want to do Mind Maps. That's an awesome piece of software. Great blog post, too.

4:14:35 PM    Mudpit 

Hey, Adam Curry, the Tablet PC Team today is releasing the Experience Pack for Tablet PC.

I tell ya if Steve Jobs had this he'd have the Mac fans eating out of his hands. ;-) Check out the UI in this Channel 9 video I took of Dustin Hubbard, group manager on the Tablet PC Mobile Platform team.

Table of Contents of the demos in the Dustin Hubbard video (a downloadable version will be up on Channel 9 by end of the day):

4:10 Energy Blue Theme and Skinned Media Player (designed for pen input)

4:59 Ink Art (new version of Art Rage, drawing program designed for pen usage).

8:44 Ink Crossword Puzzle.

10:55 Ink Desktop (turns wallpaper into inkable surface).

13:18 Media Transfer to take videos/audios from home or Office PC with you.

18:40 New snipping tool (a must have for Tablet PC users).

Total length of the video: 27:25.

1:40:13 AM    Mudpit 

Hey, this Seattle PI article about Bill Gates' crush on Crush made me think that maybe I should tell you all my favorite drink:

Diet Mug Root Beer. Why? Well, when I got to Microsoft I went overboard with Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke. One day I picked up a Diet Mug and never went back.

I hate their Website, though. I wonder what I'd do if I were a marketer there. Probably take my video camera down to the product floor and give you a tour of how the stuff is made and bottled.

Do Websites like these actually sell any product or impress anyone? I guess they impress someone otherwise they wouldn't be made, right?

And what's up with making me sign up for a newsletter? Lame, lame, lame. RSS baby! Give me marketing information on MY terms, not yours!

1:10:06 AM    Mudpit 

Wait a second, did I hear right that Adam Curry is using a Tablet PC? Yes, I did! Curry has been assimilated.

Hmmm. I hear that Joshua Micah Marshall, keeper of the Talking Points Memo (a high-traffic political blog) is also a Tablet PC user.

Who's next to take the Tablet PC plunge?

12:54:15 AM    Mudpit 

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