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Daily link Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm speaking to a group of Silicon Valley lawyers and venture capitalists at Tomlinson Zisko in Palo Alto, a Silicon Valley law firm, today.

What's the buzz in the room?

Oracle is in talks to purchase Siebel.

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I'm very honored. Lisa Stone invited me to the Blogher conference. Unfortunately I already had plans for that day (another blogger bought me tickets to a concert in Seattle). Bummer.

I have also been talking to Danah Boyd about a bunch of stuff related to communities. She's done more thinking (and scientific study) on the topic than anyone else I know. Crap, I really wanted to see her presentation. I'll see if I can get out of the concert and reorganize my travel plans.

By the way, are all men invited to attend this conference?

10:47:31 AM    comment 

Hey, Steve Rubel, I just got the latest BusinessWeek (I'm speaking at my brother's law firm in an hour, and wanted to have a prop for my talk). How cool is that to get a full-page photo in a BusinessWeek cover article? Damn!

What's next? How about a bunch of bloggers on the radio or on TV? When I was listening to XM Radio last week I wondered to myself why we haven't seen a blogger channel emerge there yet.

Oh, I'm going to be having dinner with Steve Rubel Monday night in New York. Anyone want to come along? We'll do it at Dishes in Grand Central Terminal (one of the world's great railroad buildings). 6 p.m. Everyone is invited.

10:42:13 AM    comment 

Joe Wilcox, over at Microsoft Monitor, digs into Microsoft's financial results, announced yesterday.

10:31:43 AM    comment 

Hey, Macheads: ArsTechnica has an excellent review of the new Macintosh OS.

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