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Daily link Thursday, May 12, 2005

Digitial Identity World was this week and Kim Cameron's "Identity Blog" has a ton of info from the conference.

If there's an area of the software world that both freaks me out, and has huge potential opportunities, it's identity. If you're in technology, this is a space to pay attention to.

Marc Canter (aside: he's taken over Joi Ito's place as blogger with most appearances at tech industry conferences. In other words, I'm jealous!) writes about the identity gang and Microsoft's new InfoCards.

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Jeff Barr, founder of Syndic8, talks about his point of view on getting evicted from Google: I was really stupid, and greedy too.

Yes, he's seeing the dark underbelly of blogging. Have we built the digital equivilent of a mob? Yes, we have.

On the other hand, Jeff demonstrates PERFECTLY how to respond to bloggers.

Imagine if Dan Rather had written a blog post like this? Or Kryptonite?

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Phil Baker, in the San Diego Source: Time for a Tablet?

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A few days ago I mentioned FeedTagger, but got a few more to talk about here. FeedBurner; Newsninja; and Rojo. Which ones do you like the most?

All of these services are using tags to try to winnow down the millions of blogs to just a few that you'd be interested in.

What's potentially the next meme after tagging? Structured blogging. The idea there is to make a movie review look different from a calendar entry.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about news aggregators lately. Now that I have 1,300+ blogs that I really like and know, I don't want to read them every week. I want to have three tabs in my news aggregators. First tab would bring me 10 of the hottest articles from my 1,300 blogs. Emphasis on "my." The articles in your news aggregator would be different because you'd subscribe to a seperate set of blogs. Second tab would have 50 articles. Third tab would have a river of news of all the articles.

Now, what's the algorithm that'll bring you just 10 articles out of the thousands that course through my aggregator every day?

By the way, Robert Rebholz came over and chatted with me today and he called all these new tools "cognitive networking" tools and services. It's the first time I've heard things like Furl,, Rojo called that.

Anyway, this new world is an interesting one and expanding very quickly. Who knew about tagging a year ago?

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OK, Mike Hall got Bill Gates to mention podcasting in a little promo video he did. Ahh, another question to ask Bill when we finally do an interview with him.

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Biz Stone was interviewed by InfoWorld, where he talks about the future of Blogger.

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I did some interviews today for a position for Channel 9. First of all, it's very strange to be one of the people interviewing other people for jobs. Second, it's very cool to have candidates blogging and videoblogging their experiences.

It's even worse. I SO want to talk about my experiences, but I can't. One thing I can share: it's hard to get a job at Microsoft. I've looked through many of the resumes we got and there are dozens of people who would have been great in this job. I'm very awed by the quality of the people who applied for jobs to work on Channel 9.

We still have some jobs available (and lots of our sister teams are hiring too).

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Heh, Glenn Vassallo, a Microsoft employee in Australia, just emailed me this comic. Funny.

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I watched the MTV thing about Xbox 360. I was left wanting so much more. They barely talked about what was cool about the 360 at all. Mostly an image thing. The "Killers" played a couple of cool songs. Lots of beautiful people. But can I tell you why the 360 is cool -- at least not from watching this special. I wish the Xbox team would have me over for a Channel 9 interview.

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Rafe Needleman writes about business blogging but misunderstood something I'm doing with Team 99. He said:

"On the other hand, I would think that recruiting bloggers to pitch your product, which Microsoft is also doing, undermines the positive power of blogging."

Rafe, first of all, if you know of any bloggers that I can control I'd like to meet them. The ones I know are all opinionated and would love to be the ones brought to Microsoft just to say "Microsoft sucks."

So, why are we bringing them here? We're bringing them here to find out what they think and to start an interesting new conversation. One that we can't control.

As I met with Boeing and Target over the past few days that's what I told them too. You can't control this new world. At best you can participate in it. Just like if you hear someone talking about you at a cocktail party. You can't make them stop. You can't make them change their minds about you. At best you can join in the conversation and make sure they have a complete picture of who you are.

As to how it's going with Team 99. We're overwhelmed with feedback. So, I've been a bit paralyzed. But, gotta get through that. When you get such a massive amount of feedback you gotta relax and let it wash over you. Think about it. Talk about it with people you trust. Reread it. Brainstorm.

Anyway, I'm going to take a bit more time. This thing has so much attention now I wanna make sure it's really done right. And all the attention kicked off some interesting brainstorming about what community means.

By the way, Team99 is not the only program that's underway for engaging with you about Longhorn. That was another common misperception. I'm now working with a much larger community team and I'll pass along our bigger plans as soon as they become public.

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Just got home. I'm so excited! My GapingVoid shirt arrived. Maryam thinks it's cool. Sorry, Maryam, you can't steal my shirt. At least not until I wear it next week at the Syndicate conference.

I got the "was it good for you?" design.

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