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Daily link Sunday, May 22, 2005

Whenever I'm in an airport I look at anyone doing something with a computer. I try to see if there's anything new to learn. Tonight I saw a guy sitting in Seattle's airport with a Tablet PC. Now, that no longer is a rare site in airports, so if that was all, it wouldn't be that interesting, but on his screen was a cool mapping program that I had never seen before and a GPS unit was plugged into the side (it was a Motion Tablet PC, by the way). So, I walked up to him and...

"How do you like your Tablet PC?"

"I love it."

"What program is that?"

"It's FliteStar. I'm a pilot and I use this to plot out my flight plan."

"Why a Tablet PC?"

"Because I can use it in ways that a laptop wouldn't and using a pen to interact with the map makes more sense than a touchpad."

Anyway, the FliteStar does a whole bunch of stuff for pilots. Shows glide paths, elevations, flight routes, and other things. Really cool app.

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The Kaboom concert was spectacular. The weather was crystal clear. Omar Shahine (he works on the Hotmail team) and his neighbor Brad Meador came down and hung out with us during the concert. Then Brad invited us up to his pad which overlooks the bay. Wow. His balcony had a perfect shot on the fireworks.

Brad's a guitarist (free MP3's of his work here), in addition to being one of the founders of ClearContext (he's Vice President of Operations), the email tool I'm using to try to clean out my inbox a bit. Great guy, and taught me a bunch more about how ClearContext works.

Thanks Brad for treating my son so well and giving us a great experience tonight.

I'll be light on posting until I get my Naked Conversations book chapter done cause it's due on Monday (I'm working on one about rules/policies/guidelines).

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