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Daily link Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The MSDN Student Flash blog has the details up from the Imagine Cup regional finals that happened last weekend. I met several of the students. Really talented people. Congrats to the winners and good luck later in the year in Japan!

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Rick Segal looks at two different reports coming out of the "D" conference (Dan Gillmor's and Tim O'Reilly's). Interesting blog analysis of two people's coverage of the same event.

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I've been waiting to talk about this for months. Yesterday morning Bill Gates showed off Virtual Earth at "D." Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour with the Virtual Earth team getting a demo and chatting with the team. The video (which is mostly demos), and more, is now up on Channel 9.

Who said Microsoft doesn't have any AJAX gurus?

Thanks to Chandu Thota for hooking me up. He has more details on his blog too (he's on the team, but wasn't feeling well so didn't make it onto the video. No worries, though, this team showed me some more secret stuff that I'll need to keep to myself for a few more months. I love this team!

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