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Daily link Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yesterday, when I was boarding the plane in JFK airport I saw two guys, dressed in US Army uniforms, huging their wives, crying. One had a young daughter hanging off his leg while her parents clung to each other with the kind of hug you give someone you know you might never see again.

They said their goodbyes and entered the plane behind me. "Where you off to?"

"Back to Iraq."

I don't care what your politics are. I don't care what your view of the war is, or your position on what we're doing over there. There are plenty of places and times to argue those things. It's just that scene has just been burning in my mind all day. I'll never forget the sacrifice that these guys are making on my behalf. Voluntarily.

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Steve Gillmor's audio show, Gillmor Gang, is coming back. Alright. Even better, it's powered by a Tablet PC!

And a new show, Gillmor Daily, coming too.

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