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Daily link Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The buzz is going around about a new Motion Tablet PC: the LE1600. Tablet PC Buzz has a thread on it.

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Martin Nisenholtz, senior vice president of digital operations at The New York Times Company just was on stage and explained why the NYT is charging for access to its content now.

Some things that stuck out in my mind.

1) They are preparing for the death of print. It might never come, but they know that it's possible, and are looking to find revenue so that they can continue in the business of journalism.

2) Search engines like MSN and Google today don't index content that people have to pay to see. That's an opportunity for search engines. Imagine one engine has an exclusive to search the NYT's content.

It'll be interesting to see how journalism continues to change in reaction to the online world.

Me? I'll pay the $50 a year.

11:11:21 AM    comment 

Yahoo is asking the industry for support for its new RSS extension for media formats: Media RSS.

Is this format something we should support? Main benefit? Multiple enclosures for a single item as well as letting RSS feed generators add links to media players to help with playback of files.

What do you think?

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A note to Dave Winer. I'm not sure why the Syndicate Conference didn't want you to do an advertisement as part of your session (Dave pulled out of the conference after the conference organizers insisted that he not do an advertisement as part of his session). I'm sitting in a session right now and the whole thing is an advertisement for the speaker's employer.

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I've been following the Coding4Fun site. This is a lot of fun. It's a month old and already looks like a home run.

8:39:59 AM    comment 

I'm so jealous of Larry Hyrb. He's on the Xbox Live team and has been blogging up a storm lately about all the video game news. Final Fantasy is coming to Xbox 360? Damn! That's a score. Thanks to Chris Coulter for wacking me upside the head to get me to wake up to this news.

8:26:40 AM    comment 

I'm talking with Sharon Housley, who writes the Software Marketing Resource blog. We were talking about community networks and how they get built. I said "how come you've never told me about your blog before now?" She answered "oh, I'd +never+ do that!"

But, this is a common problem. How will we learn about cool new information resources if their owners aren't willing to brag a little bit?

This one is good, check it out. Anyone else out there too shy to tell us about their blog?

It took 15 minutes of talking to Sharon to find out about her blog. Very cool.

8:21:48 AM    comment 

Just arrived in New York after flying all night. I'm standing here in the New York Marriott Marquis with Nick Bradbury and Greg Reinacker. It's fun to watch them read reactions to the news on their blogs.

"So, Nick, what's next?"

"We are going to be putting the synchronization platform into FeedDemon."

"Are you learning C#?"

"Yup. Slowly. I'm not used to the syntax." (Nick uses Borland's Delphi on his existing products).

"Are you guys gonna do any Mac clients?"

"I don't know. I wish I had a better answer to that."

Hey, Greg, "are you going to do a new client for cell phones?"

"We're very excited about the mobile space but there are no announcements to be made now."

With that they got dragged off to another interview. Here in the hall at the Syndicate conference everyone wants to talk to them.

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