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Daily link Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You've heard the Kryptonite story. Will Kensington learn the lessons that Kryptonite taught us? Hint: you can pick Kensington's locks with scissors, duct tape, and a toilet paper roll. Steve Rubel links to the details.

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Google is here at Syndicate and has announced that it will make its AdSense network available to RSS/Atom feeds.

Ahh, ads are coming to RSS. Chris Pirillo should be happy.

What does this mean? Well, it'll mean more full-text RSS feeds for one. Chris Pirillo, for instance, refused to put full-text feeds out because he only got paid if readers came to his Web site and clicked on his ads. If the world went to RSS, he told me, he wouldn't be able to pay his bills.

There's lots of debates about whether advertising in RSS makes sense. I think it does, but you gotta be careful if you put ads in your content. Why? Because they can reduce the value of what you're writing.

Here, let's rank RSS feeds from worst (least useful for readers) to best.

Worst: headline only feeds with ads.

Almost worst: partial text feeds with ads.

Barely passable: partial text feeds without ads.

Better: Full text feeds with ads.

Best: Full text feeds with no ads.

I'll only subscribe to the bottom three kinds of feeds and if your content isn't really "must read" (the New York Times, for instance) then you better stick with the bottom two.

Again, when I subscribe to an RSS feed that means I want a long-term relationship. Think about what that means. How abusive of me do you want to be? On the readership side we get to decide how much abuse we'll put up with. You might find that your readers won't put up with much. In which case you'll have to decide if a few extra bucks is worth a decreased readership.

Overall, though, this will make new kinds of RSS content possible, so Google deserves credit for doing this.

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FireANT's first public beta was released yesterday. It claims to be the easiest way to find, download, and watch video on the Web.

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Omar Shahine (of the Hotmail team) just got back from vacation and reports that he used ClearContext to help him clear out his inbox. I'm playing with that tool too. I just loaded it on my portable to see if it can help me tonight clean out my inbox. Will let you know.

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Rich Levin is going to interview Joel Spolsky tonight on his radio show. Not sure when the recording of the show will be up, but it and more details will show up here.

Joel, and his blog, Joel on Software, is one of the most influential developers on the blogosphere (he used to work at Microsoft and now heads a software company).

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Engadget has an interview with Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach to talk about the Xbox 360. Over on Channel 9 a discussion about Xbox 360 vs Sony PlayStation 3 is rocking and roaring.

Larry Hryb (aka "MajorNelson") works on the Xbox Live team and interviewed Steve Ballmer too for his podcast.

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