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Daily link Friday, July 01, 2005

The Blog Business Summit is reporting that Boeing is taking a bunch of bloggers up in its Wifi plane on July 19. I hear I'm getting one of the invites. I'll go if I can workout my schedule, even though I've already been on a Boeing-equipped Wifi plane (SAS from Seattle to Copenhagen has Wifi).

11:53:08 PM    comment 

Hey, my brother is blogging for ComputerWorld and says "Microsoft about to buy into a BIG mistake."

Here's one place I agree with my brother (and we don't agree on much, you should come to one of our gettogethers and listen to the arguing).

There are lots of ways to compete in the marketplace. I'm not sure of the facts here, but with Technorati, Feedster, Pubsub out there I can't believe we'd spend money on something that'd bring us so much negative PR.

11:40:34 PM    comment 

Why I love Silicon Valley: Maryam and I were having a nice meal with my dad and step mom at A Bellagio in Campbell (Silicon Valley) tonight. Really awesome place. Highly recommended. But, the waiter (I forget his name Update: Maryam says his name was John Carlo) saw my Gnomedex T-shirt (the one that has RSS on the front) and said "yeah, I use RSS and subscribe to a bunch of feeds and read a bunch of blogs."

Now that's weird. I tell ya, I can't escape from this wacky world.

11:28:44 PM    comment 

Mike Hall interviews Major Nelson of the Xbox Live team. They talk about Xbox 360.

That reminds me. When is Channel 9 gonna get an interview with the Xbox 360 team? We just got a neato new HDTV camcorder to do it.

Do I need to talk to Steve Ballmer about this? I'm interviewing him this week. Maybe I should get him to give me a demo? What else should I ask Steve?

11:22:24 PM    comment 

Oh, great, Adam Curry called my video a podcast. Heh. Won't stop me. I call what I do a video blog.

Does he have knowledge of a video iPod? Hmmm.

On the other hand, Dave Winer says that podcasting is MP3 audio files only.

Yet another place these two gurus disagree. Will this argument ever go away?

11:13:48 PM    comment 

Geek News Central is reporting that Apple's new iTunes is taking down servers due to the new traffic levels. Hmmm, did podcasting get too popular too fast without having a business model behind it to support a huge wave of new traffic?

3:58:54 PM    comment 

Jeff Jarvis learns that Dell is not watching blogs and gives them hell for it.

I agree. If you aren't listening to the new word-of-mouth network you'll miss opportunities like this to make influentials happy.

3:52:20 PM    comment 

Keith Warren: I thought about fighting with that "how Microsoft will die" article, like you did, but the problem is there are so many errors there that it just isn't worth getting into a fight. Start with the .NET Framework getting cut. That isn't true. Not much in the rest of the article is true either.

But, the perception is out there that Apple is firing on all cylinders and Microsoft is firing on none. How do I know that? Look at the stock price of our two companies.

So, the article's point is one that we need to answer. But, my blog isn't the right way to answer it. What is? Our PDC conference. See ya in September.

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