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Daily link Friday, July 29, 2005

In the "winning developers over one email at a time" category: Eddie Traversa says "Sometimes it’s doing the little things that Robert and Dean did in the past day, that can go along way to creating good developer relationships."

Eddie is doing some cool stuff with DHTML and AJAX. He is a long-time Web expert. Was speaking at Web conferences back in the mid-90s.

I only have about 900 emails to go. Whew.

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Cringley says Skype is being sold. My sources say this is wrong wrong wrong.

That said, if Skype does want to sell, I'd buy it in a second.

Carlo / Techdirt: Going Rate For Skype Apparently Now $3 Billion
Ethan / OnoTech: Cringely on Skype: Wrong, wrong, wrong
Stuart Henshall / Skype Journal: Skype to Sell Out? — Skype $3 billion dollar sellout?
Michael / michael parekh on IT: ON CRINGELY`S ROPE-A-DOPE THEORIES
Jeremy Wagstaff / loose wire: What's Going to Happen to Skype?

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This is pretty appropriate: Blogging in a Crisis.

Shel just posted that book chapter in our new corporate blogging book.

And, no, I'm not gonna jump in the gutter with you know who. But, if you go and check out Ed Bott's blog, or Thomas Hawk's blogs, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

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The Internet Explorer team chimes in on their blog: Toolbars in IE7 Beta 1. They had testers working through the night to see if they could find any additional areas of problems with the toolbars. Key sentence here: "In our internal testing, we have not encountered these problems in the released version of IE 7 tech beta."

I also want to be very clear since Andrew issued a "correction" that misrepresented my statements. At NO TIME HAVE I SEEN A TOOLBAR BUG in IE 7 Beta 1.

What I was saying was there's a possibility one exists. We'd like the folks who say they've seen this to help us reproduce it. What do we need to do that? Your OS (and what version of the OS). Your experience from end to end. How reproducible is your issue? What version of toolbar are you running? You can post it over on the IE team's blog. If you can, leave an email so they can contact you back.

TDavid: Register fire. "Here’s the information completely missing from the Register and Scoble’s two posts: Beta 1 products are expected to have incompatibilities with some users and some programs. This is why they release these programs to developers first so that developers from these companies that have incompatibilities can fix them before the product ultimately ships."

Ed Bott: Hackery Continued. "The implication of Andrew's story is that Microsoft deliberately or negligently blocked IE7 from working with software from two rivals. It's the modern equivalent of the old "DOS ain't done till Lotus won't run" canard. Which also wasn't true."

Update: Thomas Hawk: Andrew Orlowski; Sloppy Journalist or Bald Faced Liar?

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