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Daily link Thursday, July 07, 2005

Our Channel 9 interview with Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, is now up. I was nervous! Jeff Sandquist said I was shaking. Luckily I had a tripod so you couldn't see that!But, it was a fun interview and is already seeing very high traffic and lots of fun comments.

By the way, yesterday we had Kim Cameron on Channel 9. He's putting a lot of work into building an industry identity standard and is doing some of the deepest thinking in the industry around identity.

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Memeorandum is a great place to go during high-traffic news stories. It puts the major headline news out there, but adds what bloggers are saying about that news.

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Before I head to work, I have to note that Motion Computing announced a new 8.4 inch Tablet PC today. This one is getting rave reviews from people who've had their hands on it.

Here's Engadget's picture and report.

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More links on London bombings:

FoxNews: Terrorists Strike London with Series of Blasts.

CNN: London bombs kill at least 33.

My former boss, Lenn Pryor, is in London and his Skype name says "I'm OK." His report is on his blog.

CNN: Minute-by-minute account.

MSNBC: 33 confirmed dead in London blasts.

Terrorism Unveiled: Terrorist Attack in London.

Guardian Unlimited: 33 dead in London blasts.

More shortly.

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I woke up this morning to an email from Peter Nixey. He said he is covering the London bombings on his blog. My heart fell, the same way it fell when I first heard about the 9/11 bombings. It's gonna be a dark day. I met him last month at the London geek dinner that Hugh Macleod held for me.

What a week for London. First they get the 2012 Olympics, now this.

Anyway, other places discussing the bombings?

Dave Winer's blog. He has links to the BBC articles.

Glenn Reynolds' Instapundit. Tons of links.


The LLama Butchers.

Swanky Conservative.

Decision '08.

Tiger Hawk.

Tim Blair.

One Hand Clapping.


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