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Daily link Saturday, July 02, 2005

Alright, Maryam is ready to leave now, so see ya Tuesday. We'll be hanging out in Carmel. Have a great weekend and a safe and sane fourth of July.

My comments are working great today, by the way. Thanks Dave!

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One of my favorite pieces of new software to come along in the past couple of years is OneNote (we're using OneNote in the development of our weblog book, Naked Conversations). Two of the guys who help run that team, Owen Braun and Chris Pratley, came over to meet me for a chat.

If you haven't been following Chris' blog lately, he's been blogging a ton of OneNote tips too. Chris and Owen, in the interview, talk about the impact that blogs have had on their development process too. That part of the interview comes up at 22:40.

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Brian Bailey is taking a break from blogging. I'm seriously thinking of doing the same. It's good to take a break and rediscover yourself. At least that's my theory. But, I'll probably wait until the secret tool I'm using gets turned on. At least that way you'll have tons of other blogs to choose from.

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Bummer, my comments are down again. Sigh. I wish whoever is turning on the DOS attack would leave them alone. But, oh well. Just in time. I'm off to go to Carmel, CA, later today with Maryam. I'll be offline. I might take longer off of blogging. I have so much email to catch up on it isn't even funny and I haven't been getting Channel 9 videos up. Naughty, naughty.

On the plus side, I just got Maryam a new digital camera. A Nikon Coolpix S1. Looks pretty cool. I was slobbering over Steve Gillmor's new Sony, but those things are expensive! I'd rather keep the $100 extra in my wallet, thank you very much.

Anyway, have a great weekend.

12:30:57 AM    comment 

MarketingProfs' Michael McLaughlin: The Worst Thing about Best Practices.

12:16:55 AM    comment 

Sahil Malik wants Microsoft to make using betas, er CTP builds, much easier by providing Virtual PC images. Oh, I wish we'd do that too. Oh, Sahil wants a little Microsoft attention to this issue? Now how would that get done? Heh!

12:13:50 AM    comment 

Feedburner had a hackday recently. This is a cool idea and one we're working on internally at Microsoft. Invite a bunch of people over to hack on a specific product.

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