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Daily link Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Skype Journal: Skype Toolbar for Outlook released. My former boss, Lenn Pryor, told me about this yesterday. Gotta try it out.

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Narendra Rocherolle, of CNET, has some corrections to my post about CNET's Shoebox.

"The shoebox is NOT a “photo tagging site to compete with Flickr” rather a fresh take on lots of recent innovations. As a photo bookmarking site it will depend on the great content and community furnished by Flickr!"

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The Church of the Customer folks have an excellent podcast up with great tips for marketing to women.

Speaking of which, the BlogHer conference is coming up and is looking quite interesting. The thing is there's a perception out there that it's only for women. Not so, one of the organizers, Lisa Stone tells me.

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Anil Dash has an excellent rant that every PR person should read: Don't be a bad pitcher!

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OK, so last night I gave Patrick his punishment for listening to the Dawn and Drew show: he has to do some podcasts this summer.

Now, what's fun is that I learned on his first podcast that he only downloads the "explicit" podcasts. Oh boy.

Anyway, he reviews a few podcasts on this first show (about 25 minutes).

We call his show: Something Inappropriate. Cause he listened to something inappropriate for an 11-year-old.

Yes, he gives me heck and has quite a bit of fun at my expense. Calls me "Microsoft boy." Says he won't take my advice cause he thinks Apple's Genius bar is staffed by professionals. Ever been told off by an 11-year-old? Are we in for a rough teenager? You judge.

Oh, and Steve Jobs? Patrick is for hire. You better get to him before I show him Yahoo Music and explain to him that that doesn't run on the iPod. But that's for a future show. He's already downloaded 6 gigs of podcasts, he says. Now we know why everyone's servers are slow.

Our RSS feed is here. We used CastBlaster to record the show. to host it. It was recorded July 4, 2005 on the red couch in my family room with a Toshiba M200 Tablet PC.

No music was stolen for this podcast (although Patrick thinks it's OK to copy my CDs, had to set him straight on that one). No bad words were said. Well, one was spelled out.

Inappropriate podcasts mentioned here?

Dawn and Drew.

Daily Download.

Adam Curry.

Raymond the Amish Comic.

My son cracks me up. Yeah, I'm a lame 40-year-old. Hope you enjoy this look inside the inappropriate mind of an 11-year-old. We talk about a lot of things of interest to an 11-year-old. Music. iRivers. What kind of iPods his friends have. What he's gonna be doing this summer. And how lame his dad is.

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Lots of people have been emailing me tonight saying "now you won't need to reboot your Tablet PC everynight." The journalist who cannot speak or link to my name, Andrew Orlowski, has the details. Yes, the Tablet PC team shipped a bug fix for a memory leak.

By the way Andrew, my goal is not to improve Microsoft's image. It's simply to get you to link to me. Failed! Foiled!

It's the little joys in life that keep me going. I hear he won't link to me though cause he's afraid his traffic would take down my blog.

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